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Reporting Email Misidentified as Spam or Rejected

Last Updated: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn how to notify Cox if email is mistakenly flagged as spam or rejected.


When email messages are misidentified as spam or rejected, use the following table to determine which notification method to use.

IssueNotification MethodRelated Article
Email is misidentified as spam in Classic WebMail.Use the This is Not Spam button.Using Classic WebMail Features
Email is misidentified as spam in Enhanced WebMail.Use the Not Spam button.Managing Email Messages in Enhanced WebMail
Email is misidentified as spam in Outlook Express.Forward email to thisisnotspam@cox.net.Forwarding Spam, Phishing, or Virus as an Attachment
Email is rejected.Forward email to unblock.requests@cox.net.Forwarding Spam, Phishing, or Virus as an Attachment

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