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Troubleshooting Cox Security Software

Last Updated: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn how to get fast, free McAfee online support and a description of what is included on the technical support site for Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee®.


You must login with the primary account holder User ID in order to activate McAfee Family Protection.

Remember you can always find all the useful features of your McAfee software right on your desktop with McAfee Security Center. Just click the appropriate link in Cox Security Software Features.

Choose from the following issues to troubleshoot your installation of McAfee Security Software:

Activation / Download

As a Cox High Speed Internet customer, you must meet several system and account requirements in order to download McAfee Security Software. For details about the software, and to view eligibility requirements, refer to About Cox Security Software.

Choose from the following scenarios to troubleshoot downloading your McAfee Security Software:

ExperiencePossible ProblemSteps to Fix
You are logged in to Cox.com, but you cannot see the Activate, Manage, or Download Links.You are logged in as a Secondary account user. For your security, only Primary Account users can access tools such as Security software and Parental Controls.
  1. Sign out of Cox.com
  2. Sign back in as the Primary Account holder User ID

For more information about User ID Types, see Understanding Digital Identities and Account Types.

You are logged in to Cox.com, but you are prompted to purchase Cox High Speed Internet in order to continue.

If you have recently disconnected your Cox High Speed Internet service, you cannot use Cox's Security Software powered by McAfee.

If you still have Cox High Speed Internet service, you may be logging in with a locked email account due to inactivity.

  1. Confirm that your Cox High Speed Internet service is still active.
  2. Confirm that your email / webmail account is still accessible and active, and that it has not been locked due to inactivity.

For more information about locked email accounts, see Restore Your Mailbox after Inactivity.

You are logged in to Cox.com, but you are prompted with expiration or renewal messaging when trying to download McAfee Security Software.

You will receive messaging from McAfee instructing you to renew your software if:

  • You have recently cancelled your High Speed Internet service with Cox
  • You have recently deactivated a version of the sofware
  • You have a previously installed version (not from Cox) of McAfee already on your PC or Mac, such as a Windows Trial.
  1. Confirm that your Cox High Speed Internet service is still active.
  2. Confirm that you haven't accidentally deactivated a version of McAfee Security Software on your PC or Mac.
  3. Uninstall any existing versions of McAfee Security Software that may already exist on your computer.


The activation and installation process for McAfee security software requires a serial number. The installation process must be completed within 2 hours of retreiving serial number in order to be successful.

If you receive a message that the serial number has expired, you must re-start the activation and installation process.

Technical Support

You can get technical support 24/7 from the Cox-branded McAfee support site. You can access the site by clicking the Help link in the upper right corner on the McAfee Security Center, or by visiting service.mcafee.com cox.mcafee.com. Para ayuda t├ęcnica en espanol: service.mcafee.com en espanol.

The Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee support site offers three levels of technical support:

  • McAfee Virtual Technician - is a download that scans your computer for any errors or issues preventing optimal performance from McAfee.
  • McAfee Knowledge Center with FAQs and search - allows you to review the most frequently asked questions and search for answers to common questions.
  • McAfee Chat and Email - allows you to chat online with a technical support agent who will work with you to diagnose and resolve your issue, or you can send an email to a technical support agent who will work with you to diagnose and resolve your issue.
    See also: McAfee Community - Get answers from other McAfee users and McAfee moderators.

After accessing these tools, if your issue is still not resolved, call 1-888-556-0959 for additional technical assistance.

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