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Using the Drag and Drop Desktop Application

Last Updated: Tue, 02 Feb 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn how to drag and drop your files to Cloud Drive using the Drag and Drop desktop application.


Learn how to use the Drag and Drop desktop application.

Drag and Drop Desktop Application

For Windows users, you have the option to navigate and access important files, much like the C: drive or My Documents folder. The Drag and Drop application provides a virtual desktop folder that allows you to drag files from your desktop and drop them directly into your account. You can also drag and drop files to your desktop.

  1. From your desktop, double-click on the Drag and Drop icon.

    Note: There is also a new name in your Windows Explorer called Drag and Drop that you can use to drag files in and out.

    desktop icon

    Result: The Drag and Drop Backup window displays.
  2. Drag files from any location on your computer and drop them into the Backups folder.

    Result: Your copied files display in the Backups folder. Drag and Drop displays all your files that are stored on your Cox account.

For additional support, refer to Cloud Drive.

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