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Using Cox Drag and Drop Backup Manager

Last Updated: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 > Related Articles

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Learn how to drag and drop your files using the Cox Drag and Drop Backup Manager.


This article provides two options on how to use the Cox Drag and Drop Backup Manager, one is accessible using the File Manager and the other in the Drag and Drop Backup virtual desktop tool.

For additional support, refer to About Cox Secure Online Backup.

File Manager - Drag and Drop

  1. After logging into Internet Tools, click the Manage Secure Online Backup link.

    Result: The Secure Online Backup Home page displays.
  2. From My Folders, click the destination folder.
  3. From the Drop files launch tool, click the launch drop-box window link.

    highlights launch drop-box window

    Result: The Add to window displays.
  4. Click the icon next to the file in File Manager, then drag it into the Add to window.

    Note: The files can sometimes take a few minutes to transfer to the destination folder.

    highlights Add to window

    Result: A confirmation message displays when the file transfer status changes to 100% and the files are placed into the destination folder. Once uploaded on your Cox account, you can right click on any file and share it with family, friends, and colleagues.

Desktop Icon - Drag and Drop

For Windows users, you have the option to easily navigate and access important files. Much like your C: drive or My Documents Folder. The Drag and Drop Backup provides a virtual desktop folder that allows you to drag files from your desktop and drop them directly into your account. You can also drag and drop files to your desktop. 

Note: Macintosh users must go through the File Manager for the Drag and Drop capabilities.

  1. From your desktop, double-click the Drag and Drop Backup icon.

    Note: You will also notice a new name in your Windows Explorer called Drag and Drag Backup that you can drag files in and out.

    desktop icon

    Result: The Drag and Drop Backup window displays.
  2. Drag files from any location on your computer and drop them into the Backups folder.

    Result: Your copied files displays in the Backups folder. Drag and Drop Backup displays all your files that are stored on your Cox account.

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