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Creating a New Mail Rule in Windows Mail

Last Updated: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn how to create a new mail rule in Windows Mail.


Launch Windows Mail.
From the Tools menu, select Message Rules, then click Mail.

message rules

In the New Mail Rule window, under 1. Select the Conditions for your rule, click which conditions boxes you want to control.

conditions check boxes

In this example, Where the From line contains people is selected.


Under 2. Select the Actions for your rule, click boxes to choose which actions you want the rule to perform.

  • In this example, Move it to the specified folder is selected.
  • Under 3. Rule Description (click on an underlined value to edit it), the new commands that have been set up for this email rule display. If a new command can be edited, it displays as a link in underlined blue text.

    select rule actions
Under 3. Rule Description (click on an underlined value to edit it), click the contains people link.

contains people link

In the Select People window, enter the email account user name to be redirected to the new folder, then click Add.

In this example, John Doe is entered.

select people window

To save the changes, click OK.

click OK
In the New Mail Rule window, under 3. Rule Description (click on an underlined value to edit it), click the specified link.

specified folder link

In the Move window, under Move the item(s) to the selected folder, select the folder where the redirected emails should go, then click OK.

To create a new folder where the emails should be redirected, click on New Folder.

move to folder

By default, the title of the rule is New Mail Rule #1. To give the new rule a specific name, enter the new name in the 4. Name of the rule field.

new mail rule name
Click OK until you get back to the Windows Mail window.

Note: To set up additional e-mail rules, repeat steps 1 through 11.

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