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Adding Email Accounts in Enhanced WebMail

Last Updated: Mon, 06 Feb 2017 > Related Articles

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Learn how to add an external account in Enhanced WebMail.


This support article helps you get the most from Enhanced WebMail. Before beginning, make sure you are signed in.

  1. Go to webmail.cox.net.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password.
  3. Click the Enhanced WebMail radio button.
  4. Click Sign In.

Enhanced WebMail Inbox

After you sign in to Enhanced WebMail, your Inbox displays in the following format.

Enhanced WebMail Inbox

Not what you're looking for? Get the support you need by visiting our Cox Email Support Center.

Adding External Email Accounts

Use Enhanced WebMail to send and receive email messages from your external email accounts. Add up to 12 additional email accounts using the steps below.

From the WebMail Inbox window, click Preferences.

On the Mail Preferences window, click Add Account.

add account.
  1. Enter the email address and password of the external email account.
  2. Depending on the external email account settings, choose POP or IMAP. If you are adding a Cox email address, refer to Email Server Names for more information.

    Note: Refer to your external email account support website for more information on which option to select.
  3. Click Continue.

    add acount type and information
  1. Enter the Incoming Server Name information.

    Note: A Port number is automatically added for a secure connection. Cox does not recommend choosing None.
  2. Click Continue.

    incoming server settings

    Result: A Testing Connection window displays.

The connections test succeeds or fails.

  • If the connections test is successful, a confirmation message displays. Click Continue.
  • If the connections test fails, click Continue. The Connecting To Your Account window displays so you can re-enter and test the correct settings.
  1. On the Connection Successful window, enter the following information.
    • Enter Real Name to display a name on your outgoing email messages.
    • Enter a Reply to Address if it is different from the sending email address.
  2. Click Save.
Click Close.

Result: The new account mailbox displays below the main account mailbox in the Mailbox Folders area.

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