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Removing the ZeroAccess Trojan Virus

Last Updated: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn more about the ZeroAccess virus and how to remove it.


Cox Communications is dedicated to protecting the Internet experience of our customers. We notify customers when their computer systems may be infected with a virus or other malicious software. ZeroAccess is a Trojan horse virus that compromises computers in the following ways.

  • Creates a hidden file system.
  • Downloads more malware to the infected computer.
  • Steals passwords, credit cards, and other personal information.

Removal Instructions

There are many forms and versions of this malicious software and no utility can effectively detect and remove all versions of this software from all operating systems at this time. Cox recommends the following free tools as they may be effective in removing the malicious software.

Choose a removal tool that best suits your needs. All computers connected to the Internet should be scanned for virus removal.

Further assistance is available at Cox Tech Solutions.

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