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Registering an Authorized User in My Account

Last Updated: Fri, 27 May 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn to complete the registration process for an authorized user account on Cox.com with step-by-step screen shots.


Do you need help registering a new Authorized User? When a primary Account Holder creates a new Authorized User, that account needs registered on Cox.com. Follow the steps below to register, update, or change Authorized User information.

  1. From the Cox.com home page, click Sign In My Account.
  2. Under My Account click Profile & Settings.

Enter your authorized User ID and Password and click Sign In.


You can edit the following fields on the My Account Profile & Settings window.

  • Nickname
  • Password
  • Security Question

    You must enter a security question on the account for password reset and recovery purposes.

If the primary Account Holder enables the Authorized User access to manage Billing and Payment information, you can also edit the following fields. For more information on granting access to these areas, see Modifying an Authorized User in My Account.

  • Billing Address
  • Manage Payment Methods
  • Contact Information

Next to Security Questions, click Edit.

secret questions


Click Register or Modify to continue to the Authorized User Registration window.

  1. Select a Secret Question from the drop-down menu and enter the answer in the box for Secret Answer.
  2. Enter your email address in the fields for Alternate Email and Re-enter Alternate Email.
  3. Click Submit.
secret question and answer

Note: You can also update your password in the Change Password section. To keep your current password, leave this section blank.


Read and follow the Confirmation window directions to validate your Authorized User registration and then click Continue.

confirmation window

Result: The My Account Profile & Settings window displays.

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