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Activating Cox Security Suite Plus Powered by McAfee®

Last Updated: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn how to active your license for Cox Security Suite Plus.


As a Cox High Speed Internet customer, you have a license to download Cox Security Suite Plus on up to five computers, and McAfee Family Protection on up to three computers. You must login with the Primary Account Holder User ID in order to use Cox Security Software. For more information, see Understanding Digital Identities and Account Types.

Using Cox Security Software

Remember you can always find all the useful features of your McAfee software right on your desktop with McAfee Security Center. Just click the appropriate link in Cox Security Software Features.

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Before installing Cox Security Suite Plus for the first time, you must activate the product license using the steps below.


Verify all Anti-Virus Software has been removed.

You need to uninstall any existing anti-virus programs running on your computer. To do this, use the following steps.

Microsoft Windows

  1. Click the Windows Start icon.
  2. Click Control Panel or Settings, then Control Panel.
  3. Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
  4. Locate your existing anti-virus software in the program list and click to highlight it. Then click Remove or Uninstall.
  5. If the system prompts you to remove or uninstall software, select Yes.

Mac OS X

  1. Go to the Applications folder on your Mac's main hard drive.
  2. Locate your existing anti-virus software in the program list and remove it.

McAfee offers a pre-install tool to scan your computer for any existing anti-virus software. See McAfee's website for additional information and instructions on how to use the tool.

Important: Cox Communications does not provide support for this tool.

In a web browser, go to www.cox.com/css.
Enter your primary account holder User ID and Password, then click Sign In.

Note: If you do not remember your password, click the Forgot User ID / Password? link.

highlights Internet Tools sign in

Click Activate Now under Cox Security Suite Plus.

highlights Actiivate Now

If you see a Manage button instead of Activate Now, you have previously activated or installed this software. Proceed with the following steps if you want to reinstall Cox security software.

Not seeing the Activate Now or Manage buttons? Click here to find out why.

If you followed the steps above, but only see information about Cox Security Suite without the Activate or Manage buttons, then you are not logged in with your primary Account Holder User ID. The following error message may also display.

Our apologies window

To download, log in with the primary Account Holder User ID. For more explanation on the differences between primary Account Holder and Secondary User IDs on Cox.com, see Understanding Digital Identities and Account Types.
Place a check in the I agree to the above terms and conditions box, then click Continue.

highlights checkbox, Continue
A window displays informing you that your Cox Security Suite Plus account is activating.

Please wait while we activate

Click Install Cox Security Suite.

Note: English and Spanish versions are available.

highlights Install Cox Security Suite

Selecting the Instale el Cox Security Suite en español button provides the installation and application in Spanish. Cox does not offer telephone support for the Cox Security Suite Plus in Spanish. Para ayuda técnica en español: http://cox.mcafee.com/espanol.

Downloading the Software Package

Now that you have activated Cox Security Suite Plus, you are redirected to the McAfee website to download the software package to your computer. Select your operating system below:

Your license allows you to install Cox Security Suite Plus on up to five computers.

Windows Vista/7/8/10

Mac OS X

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