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Resetting a Primary Account Holder Password on Cox.com

Last Updated: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn how to reset a primary Account Holder password on Cox.com.


To reset the password for a secondary user ID, log in to Internet Tools with the primary email address. Refer to Change an Authorized User Password Using Internet Tools for additional information.

Important: Changing or resetting a Cox.net password may affect the ability to login to a number of other applications. Before proceeding, refer to Applications Affected by Changing Cox.net Login Username / Password to review a list of applications that may be affected by changing a Cox.net password.


In a web browser, go to www.cox.com/password.

  1. In the User ID field, enter your primary Account Holder User ID.

    Reset Password
  2. In the Security Validation field, enter the text as it displays in the security challenge graphic.
  3. Click Continue.

    Security Challenge field

    Result: The Reset Password window displays.
  1. Select one of the following validation methods to reset your password.
    • Send Email - An email sends to your primary contact email address containing instructions on how to select a new password. These instructions must be completed within 48 hours in order to reset your password.
    • Answer Secret Question - An Answer Secret Question section displays the Secret Question attached to your account. Enter the answer in the Secret Answer field.

      Note: If the secret answer has been forgotten, contact Cox Customer Support to either reset the password or obtain the Account Holder User ID. Refer to Need Help Signing In Solutions for more information.
  2. Click Continue.

Complete the following steps.

  1. Enter a new password in the New Password field. Click the ? for guidelines.

    Note: A password strength meter shows the security of the new password you select.
  2. Re-enter the password in the Re-enter Password field for confirmation.
  3. Click Submit.

Click Continue to complete the password reset.

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