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Changing Time Zones in Classic WebMail

Last Updated: Mon, 16 Mar 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn to change the default time zone in Classic WebMail.


Need help figuring out your time zone in Classic WebMail? The following information explains which is your time zone and how to configure it properly.

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If the time zone setting is incorrect, it may be because it was not set when first logging in to Classic WebMail. The default time zone setting is New York (GMT), which is Eastern Standard Time.

Time Zones

GMT - GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time and is the standard time in Greenwich, England. Every other time zone is added to this to establish that zone. For instance, GMT time minus five hours is GMT-5. GMT is similar to Coordinated Universal Time or UTC. The following explains how to use time zone options in WebMail.

CityStandard Time Zone
HonoluluHawaiian (GMT-10)
AnchorageAlaskan (GMT-9)
Los AngelesPacific (GMT-8)
Denver, PhoenixMountain (GMT-7)
ChicagoCentral (GMT-6)
New YorkEastern (GMT-5)
From the WebMail Inbox, click Settings.

settings button

Result: The Message Settings window displays.
Click Time Zone.

time zone

Result: The Set Time Zone window displays.
Select a city within your time zone, then click OK.

set time zone

Result: The Message Settings window displays. The new time zone has been saved.

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