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Disabling the WiFi Signal on the Cisco DPC3825 and DPQ3925 WiFi Modems

Last Updated: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 > Related Articles

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Customers can disable the WiFi on the Cisco DPC3825 and DPQ3925 to use with their own standalone wireless router.


You may have a standalone router that you would like to continue to use and are having problems with connecting to your router. The device may be causing a conflict because the router portion of the device is also active. You can turn off the WiFi network of the device, turning it into a modem only, and be able to use your router without an issue.

Completing this procedure disables the WiFi for the Cisco DPC3825 and DPQ3925 devices. This action allows customers to use their own standalone wireless router.

Customers must be connected directly to the device to perform these changes.


Once connected to the gateway, open a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and enter into the address bar.

Result: A Login window displays.


Log in as a user.

No username or password is needed.


From the main Cisco window:

  1. Click the Setup button in the upper left.

    Result: The Setup options display as tabs.

  2. Click the Quick Setup tab.

    Result: The Wireless Network information displays.

Next to Wireless Network, complete these steps:

  1. Click the Disable radio button to turn off the WiFi network.
  2. Click Save Settings to complete the process.

Result: The device no longer broadcasts a wireless signal.

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