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Applications Affected by Changing Cox Login User ID / Password

Last Updated: Tue, 22 Nov 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn more about which applications may be affected when changing your Cox login User ID or password.


When changing or resetting your Cox user ID or password, applications that log in using that information may be affected. Some applications that use your Cox user ID or password include, but are not limited to, the following.

Third party applications are not supported. Contact the application vendor for support by clicking the links below.


Email Client Software

  • Outlook Express
  • Mac OS X Mail
  • Windows Mail
  • Email spam blocking software
Login fails on next login if the new password is not used, or if the Remember Password checkbox has been selected.
Cox WebMailLogin fails if the new password is not used.

Cox.net Pages

  • My Account
  • Internet Tools
  • Phone Tools
  • TV Tools
  • Cox Security Suite Plus
  • Cloud Drive
  • Internet Speed Check
  • Data Usage Meter
  • Home Networking Security Check
Login fails if the new password is not used.

Cox Apps

  • Cox Contour
  • Cox Connect
  • Cox TV Connect
Login fails if the new password is not used.
Network TV Apps and Cox TV OnlineLogin fails if the new password is not used.


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