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Activating WatchESPN on Apple TV

Last Updated: Wed, 06 May 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn to activate WatchESPN on your Apple TV using your Cox subscription and account login.


Having trouble accessing WatchESPN on Apple TV? For Apple TV support questions, contact Apple TV Support online, or contact the ESPN Customer Care Team at 888-549-ESPN. 

WatchESPN is available to Cox TV customers who subscribe to ESPN and ESPN networks. 


Open the WatchESPN app on the Apple TV home screen.


From the WatchESPN Featured page, select a program you would like to watch from the ESPN 3 or Live TV menu. In this example, we will choose X Games Barcelona

highlights Featured option

Once the selected program is chosen, you will be prompted to confirm your subscription to ESPN by choosing your TV provider.   


Select Cox from the TV provider menu. 

highlights Cox option

The Apple TV screen displays a "Good News" message along with steps and an activation code. Follow the steps provided on the screen as reflected in steps 4 and 5 below. 

highlights activation code


Using a computer or mobile device, go to http://es.pn/appletv.

The WatchESPN Activate Your Device window displays. 

  1. Select Cox from the Choose your provider drop-down menu. 
  2. Enter your activation code in the field provided. The activation code is located on your Apple TV screen. 
  3. Click or tap the Continue button.

    highlights Activation Code entry field

    You will be automatically redirected to Cox.com. 
  4. Enter your Cox User ID and Password and click or tap the Sign In button. 

    highlights Cox account sign in

    You will be automatically returned to the ESPN website. If the activation was successful, you will receive the following message.  

    Activation Successful notice

    The X Games Barcelona or your selected content will automatically start playing on your Apple TV screen.

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