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Protecting Your PC From Scareware and Fake Anti-Virus Software

Last Updated: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 > Related Articles

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Learn about Scareware and fake anti-virus software for Windows computers.


Cox wants to help you protect yourself from scareware and other fake anti-virus software. Read on to find out how.


What is Scareware?


Scareware is an unethical marketing ploy designed to scare customers into buying fake anti-virus software they usually do not need. An example of scareware is software that shows a fake 'blue screen of death' on your computer.The image looks real and convinces some customers to panic. They then click a button that sends them to the sellers' page to buy their software. This software supposedly fixes the fake attack.


How to Remove Fake Anti-virus Software


Option 1: Uninstalling

If you unknowingly install this fake anti-virus software it may be hard to remove. First, try removing it by going to your Windows Control Panel and choosing the Add / Remove Programs icon. Here you should be able to find the fake software and simply uninstall it. However, a piece of the application may still remain on your system. The remaining software could be dangerous spyware, such as a keylogger, which records all of the your computer keystrokes. 

Option 2: Removal software

You can also try using anti-virus removal programs. A list of free programs is listed below. If you are not familiar or comfortable using these programs, you should consult a trained professional. However, if you already have anti-virus software installed, make sure you have the latest updates then reboot your system in Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode, run a full scan. 

These free virus removal tools are available on the Internet and can be used even if you already have anti-virus software installed. These tools might be able to discover viruses that your current anti-virus is unable to find.

Cox does not endorse or support these products. These are only references to available products to help clean your machine. Support for these programs is handled by the respective software manufacturer.

If the previous two options fail, contact your computer manufacturer for further suggestions.

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