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Managing Service Appointments

Last Updated: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 > Related Articles

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Learn to manage service appointments on cox.com.


Service Appointments allow Cox customers to view and manage their scheduled appointments on Cox.com. Once signed in, account holders and authorized users can manage service appointments related to installations*, upgrades, downgrades, trouble calls, and reconnects from the My Account home page or the My Services home page. You can cancel or reschedule, or view service appointments online. 

*Installation appointments cannot be canceled online. Contact your local customer support center.


Access service appointments

  1. Go to www.cox.com.
  2. Under My Account click Manage Appointments.


    Result: The Service Appointments page displays.


Note: The gold star burst icon displays how many service appointments you have.


Cancel service appointments

*Installation appointments cannot be canceled online. Contact your local customer support center.

  1. On the Service Appointments page, click the Cancel Appointment button.
  2. Once the page displays, click the Cancel Appointment button.


Reschedule service appointments

  1. On the Service Appointments page click the Reschedule Appointment button.
  2. Choose the date and time you want for the new appointment by clicking the listed time.

    Result: Your selection will be highlighted in a blue block.
  3. Click Finish.



Result: The new appointment displays in a confirmation window.




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