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About the Cox Toolbar

Last Updated: Mon, 05 May 2014 > Related Articles

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Cox Toolbar is a free tool that provides Cox High Speed Internet customers with quick one-click access to their favorite Cox services.


The Cox Toolbar is not available for new downloads. Customers who currently have it installed may continue to use this feature without interruption.

The Cox Toolbar includes:

  • Cox WebMail with instant email alerts
  • Google Search
  • My Connection which provides access to news, sports, and weather
  • My Account which provides access to Internet Tools and Voice Mail
  • TV Listings and DVR Scheduling
  • Support


Managing the Cox Toolbar

The Cox Toolbar allows you to customize the toolbar by selecting what toolbar buttons display, and creating additional toolbar buttons for your favorite websites. The Cox Toolbar can be managed from the Settings menu, and then selecting Preferences. You can also hide or move certain toolbar buttons by selecting the Modify option under the Settings menu.

The Cox Toolbar can be turned off by clicking the X on the far left of the toolbar. 

Cox Toolbar Features

The table below describes the different icons used in the Cox Toolbar.


Sign In / Sign Out - Sign in to access your email and customized toolbar settings.
Weather - Enter your zip code to weather updates for your location. You can even add up to 10 additional locations.
Search - Use our built-in search for fast, anytime searching.
Email - Access your Cox.net email and see instant email alerts.
My Connection - Quick access to today's news, featured sites, music, and community links.
Support - Find help for setting up, using, and troubleshooting your TV, Internet, and Phone services.
RSS Reader - Keep up with your latest RSS feeds.
Voice Mail - Check your voice messages and manage your settings.
TV - Find your favorite shows, movies, and PPV events.
Sports - Access to 24/7 live, online sports coverage on ESPN3 for the latest scores and headlines.
My Account - Manage your account preferences and pay your bill online.
Settings - Access the toolbar preferences and customize you Cox Toolbar.

Cox Toolbar FAQs

View the following frequently asked questions about the Cox Toolbar. If you have additional questions, you can contact us.

What is the Cox Toolbar?

Cox Toolbar is a free tool that provides Cox High Speed Internet customers quick one-click access to your favorite Cox services, including access to My Connection, Internet search, WebMail and Voice Mail notifications, and Digital Cable interactive programming into a single bar.

How do I install the Cox Toolbar?

The Cox Toolbar is no longer available for new downloads.

Is it possible to have more than one toolbar on my computer?

You can only have one version of the Cox Toolbar running on any computer. You do have the ability to change users within the Cox Toolbar to view their own specific content. Additionally, you can have additional browser bars running simultaneously. For example, you can run Google´┐Żs toolbar at the same time you are running the Cox Toolbar.

How do I change the settings for the Cox Toolbar?

Click the Settings icon and select Preferences.

Can I turn off the Cox Toolbar?

The Cox Toolbar can be turned off by using the X on the far left of the toolbar.

How do I uninstall the Cox Toolbar?

The Cox Toolbar can be uninstalled from Internet Tools. Refer to Uninstall the Cox Toolbar for detailed steps.

What information does the Cox Toolbar collect and share with Cox?

The Cox toolbar collects anonymous usage data. This anonymous usage data is limited to the buttons that you click on the toolbar. This anonymous usage is not associated with personally identifiable information about you. Additionally, when you enter your zip code during the installation process, or after your toolbar is installed, Cox will store it and use it solely for gathering local weather data for use in the weather button. Review Cox's Privacy Policy for more details.

How does Cox use the information collected by the Cox Toolbar?

The information collected by Cox through the Cox Toolbar is used for internal business purposes, such as to help Cox determine what changes to make to the Toolbar in future versions. The information is also used to enhance existing Cox Toolbar features, such as new widget functionality. Review Cox's Privacy Policy for more details.

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