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Understanding Digital Identities and Account Types

Last Updated: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 > Related Articles

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Learn the difference between a digital identity and a Cox account type.


Digital Identities

A digital identity is a User ID and Password that you create in order to access certain areas of the Cox.com website.

Account Types

Once you've created your User IDs for both the Account Holder and any Authorized Users, you will want to understand what each type is permitted to do on Cox.com by default.

First let's look at an explanation of each account type.

Account TypeDescription

Account Holder


  • This User ID belongs to the person who purchased the service, and whose name appears on the bill.
  • This type of account has complete access permissions to Cox websites based on active Cox services by default.
  • The Account Holder is the name listed under Service Address in Cox's Interactive Bill feature.

To make changes to the primary account holder, see Assuming a Telephone Number or Equipment. To change the cox.com Display Name escalate to Tier II.

Authorized User


  • These User IDs are created by the Account Holder and have limited access to Cox.com features and tools.
  • The Primary Account Holder can create up to nine Authorized Users.

To add an authorized user, see Adding an Authorized User in My Account.

Cox Digital Identities are for online access only. Customers who contact Cox by phone to discuss account issues cannot use their Cox Digital Identity as a form of identification.

To gain access to secure areas of Cox.com, such as paying your bill or downloading security software, you must log in with the User ID and Password you created when registering on Cox.com. See Cox.com Account Registration and Preferences to learn more about this process.

Account Type Access

This table displays the access available to each account type. The Account Holder has complete access, while the Authorized User has limited access unless granted additional access.

Account HolderAuthorized User
  • View current and previous billing statements
  • Make a one-time payment or set up automated payments using EasyPay
  • Start or stop Paper Bill – Get your bill via the Internet instead of by mail
  • Order Pay-Per-View movies
  • View order history
  • Change Account Holder Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Change Account Holder Secret Question / Secret Answer
  • Manage My Profile – Add, delete, and modify Authorized Users
  • Access to Internet Tools and Webmail
  • Download and Install McAfee Security Software
  • Use Phone Tools and View Call History
  • Access TV Connect
  • Access TV Online

Note: For the ability to grant others in your household the ability to manage account billing options, see the Granting Billing and Payment Access to Authorized Users section below.

  • Make a one-time payment or set up automated payments using EasyPay
  • Manage My Profile – Update Identity and Preferences and change the Authorized User Password
  • Access to Internet Tools for available services
  • Access Webmail

Granting Billing and Payment Access to Authorized Users

If you would like more than one person in your household to have the ability to manage payments and account history, Authorized User accounts can be granted the same access rights as an Account Holder as outlined above. For information on how to designate which Authorized Users will have this access, see Modifying an Authorized User in My Account.

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