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Deactivating Cloud Drive

Last Updated: Tue, 02 Feb 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn how to deactivate Cloud Drive.


Completing these steps permanently deactivates Cloud Drive and all associated files.
From the homepage, hover your mouse over My Connection, then click Internet Tools.
highlights Internet Tools

Result: The Internet Tools Sign In page displays.
Sign in using your User ID and Password, then click Sign In.
Note: If you do not remember your password, click the Forgot User ID / Password? link.
highlights Internet Tools sign in
Result: The Internet Tools page displays.
Under the Enhancements column, click Manage Cloud Drive.
manage cloud drive, highlighted
Result: The Manage Cloud Drive page displays.
To deactivate Cloud Drive, click Deactivate.
Note: The Manage Cloud Drive page shows the current primary email address, Cloud Drive status, storage size available, and amount of storage used. 
highlights deactivate
Result: The Deactivate Cloud Drive page displays.
To accept the Terms and Conditions, check the box, and then click Deactivate
highlights checkbox, deactivate button
Result: The Deactivation Confirmation page displays to confirm the deactivation is complete.

Click Continue to return to the Internet Tools page.

For additional support, refer to Cloud Drive.

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