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About Cox Browser Alerts

Last Updated: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 > Related Articles

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Learn about the Cox browser alert service that Cox uses to inform you directly via a browser pop-up window regarding important information.


If you receive a Cox browser alert this is not a phishing attempt. View a list of the active alerts at Cox Browser Alerts.

As part of our ongoing Customer Safety program, Cox Communications employs many security measures in order to protect our customers from increasing threats on the Internet, including detection of viruses and malware. We will also send the notification regarding problems with your bill and modem upgrade availability.

Handling Alerts

When you receive an alert, review the message and follow any included steps to resolve the issue. We will provide direct links to Cox web pages only in these alerts. For viruses, we will attempt to notify you through a Cox browser alert if we believe a computer in your household is infected with a virus. The alert includes a link to learn more about viruses and how to remove them.

You are also encouraged to download and install Cox Security Suite Plus on all your household computers if you have not already done so. Cox Security Suite Plus is free security software which is available to all Cox High Speed Internet customers. Only Cox High Speed Internet residential customers, with a Cox supported web browser, will receive Cox Browser Alerts.

Note: The computer or other device that received the alert may not be the infected device. Be sure to check for viruses on all devices connected to your Cox High Speed Internet service.

Frequently Asked Questions

It looks like a pop-up. Is it really from Cox?

Yes, it is sent on behalf of our Cox Safety Team. Cox continually strives to provide a safe and secure Internet experience for all our customers.

When would I get this alert?

You would get this alert at least once during a web browsing session if an alert has been sent by the Cox Safety Team.

What do I do after I receive the alert?

Review the message and follow any included steps to resolve the issue. Support links to self help are also available at any time on www.cox.com/support. If you need additional help, feel free to contact a Technical Support Representative.

Who do I contact after I get the alert?

There is no need to contact us unless you need additional help. Information is provided in the alert explaining why you are receiving the alert and ways to resolve the issue pertaining to modems, security, or account issues.

How do I close the alert?

Click the X in the upper right corner of the alert. Before you do, make sure that you have read the alert, reviewed the support links, and taken the requested action to avoid future alerts or issues.

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