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Billing Statement Information

Last Updated: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn more about you bill statement including the timing of statements, delivery options, and definitions of billing terms and charges.


Refer to the links below for additional information that is not found within this article.

How Cox Bills Services

Cox Communications bills all customers in advance for the normal monthly service charges; whereas usage-based charges, such as pay-per-view movies and long distance phone calls, will be reflected in the very next bill.

  • A bill received at the beginning of a month, is for the TV, Internet, and Phone services to be delivered that month, and is for an amount due at the end of that month.
  • Items that could not possibly be billed in advance are any additional purchases or credits made after your statement was mailed or posted. These items, such as PPV movie rentals, additional long distance phone calls, product upgrades, a professional installation one time charge, or late payment fees will be reflected in the very next bill mailed or posted.

Partial Month Services

If you added or removed TV, Internet, or Phone services in the middle of, or during a month or billing period, then you've only used a partial month of the service. The charge or credit for that partial month will appear on the next statement.

Disputing the Outcome of a Phone Billing Issue

To dispute the outcome of an investigation related to Phone service, contact the Public Utilities Commission in your area. The address is printed on your Cox billing statement.

Bill Delivery Methods

You can chose to have your bill delivered by mail or online. Click View/Pay Bill and select the bill delivery options that suit you the best.

Note: There are no restrictions on delivery. You can elect to have both a paper bill mailed to you and an e-bill reminder emailed to you. You can change these delivery options at any time.

Delivery MethodDescription
Mailed statementsWe can mail you a paper bill to the house or apartment where Cox services are installed; this is called your service address. Or we can mail the bill to different address; this is called your "billing address." The service and billing address can be the same or different.
Email reminderWe can also send you an email whenever your next bill is posted on our secured View/Pay Bill website; this is called the e-bill or stop paper bill option.

Billing Cycle

Depending on the number of days in the month, your payment due date may be on or about the same date each month. If you need to change it to a specific time, we are happy to assist you with this.

  • You can either call or email us with the date you would like your payment due date to be.
  • Your next bill amount following the change is usually larger because it includes additional days offset by the new billing cycle. 
  • Some restrictions apply. Your account must be in good standing.

    : If you have not paid a past due statement, then the next due date is temporarily accelerated to reflect any additional per-use charges. Once the delinquent amount has been received, your regular billing cycle due date will be restored

Merging or Splitting Bills

If your account is current on monthly payments, we can consolidate all or your services into one billing statement. Additionally, if your account is current on monthly payments, we can split your statement into a TV bill, an Internet bill, and a Phone bill. Call or email us for assistance.

One Time Charges

A one time charge is separate from your monthly recurring charges for TV, Internet, and Phone service, equipment, and feature packages. A one time charge can include the cost of a professional installation, changing services, reconnecting service due to non-payment, or an unreturned remote control to name a few.

Additional Deposit

If you pay your bill after the Due By date, have a payment returned by your financial institution, or you have a significant increase in usage-based charges, such as long distance, Cox may require a new or additional deposit. The deposit must be paid by cash, money order, or credit card.

How to View Past Statements Online

You can view your last 18 statements online by clicking View/Pay Bill. To learn more about how to view your current bill and past statements online, refer to Accessing Your Bill Online or you can use your smartphone or mobile device.

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