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Managing Your Cache and Cookies in Safari

Last Updated: Wed, 02 Jul 2014 > Related Articles

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Manage your cookies and cache in Safari for Mac.


Need to clear your cache to improve your computer's performance? Want to control who leaves cookies on your machine when you visit specific sites? Learn how to allow and deny cookies, and how to clear your cache in Safari for Mac, using the steps below.  

Cox does not support all browsers. The following information is for reference only. For specific information on using Safari, visit Apple.com.

How do I clear my browser cache?

Learn to clear your browser cache in Safari.

On the menu bar, click Safari then in the drop-down click Empty Cache.
When the confirmation window displays, click Empty.
Close the window by clicking the red X in the upper left-hand corner.

How do I remove cookies from my computer that were put there by specific sites?

Learn to remove unwanted cookies using Safari.

On the menu bar, click Safari then in the drop-down click Preferences.

Click the Privacy icon.



You have two options:

  • Next to Cookies and other website data, click Remove All Website Data
  • Next to Block cookies click the desired radio button.

How do I reset my default settings if I don't want my customizations anymore?


Learn to remove customizations using Safari.

On the menu bar click Safari then in the drop-down click Reset Safari.

On the Reset Safari window, put a check in the box next to each item you want to reset.

Once you hit the Reset button, your previous settings will be lost and are not recoverable.

After making all your choices, click the Reset button then your browser will automatically restart.

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