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CableWiFi® FAQs

Last Updated: Wed, 25 Feb 2015 > Related Articles

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Learn what CableWiFi is and how to use it.


View the following frequently asked questions about CableWiFi®. If you have additional questions, you can contact us.


What is CableWiFi®?

CableWiFi® is a wireless network created through a collaboration of U.S. Cable & Internet Service Providers including Bright House Networks, Optimum, Comcast, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable. It offers high-speed Internet customers free access to a collective network of over 300,000 WiFi hotspots across the nation.

Who can access the CableWiFi® network?

Cox customers who subscribe to the Preferred Internet Package or higher have free access to the CableWiFi® network.

Customers who subscribe to the Internet Essential and Internet Starter packages can upgrade to one of the qualifying packages in order to take advantage of the CableWiFi® service.

How can I find the CableWiFi® network?

Check the Cox Coverage map http://www.CableWiFi.com/ to see the latest CableWiFi hotspot locations available to Cox High Speed Internet customers.

Is the CableWiFi® Network secure?

CableWiFi® service operators make reasonable efforts to ensure a secure service, but since the service is provided wirelessly, we strongly recommend you install the appropriate anti-virus and malware detection software on any devices using CableWiFi. In addition, make sure your operating system firewall is turned on to provide additional protection. Cox cannot guarantee absolute security through CableWiFi.

What are the download speeds of CableWiFi®?

Each participating CableWiFi operator is responsible for determining the speeds offered on its WiFi network.

How many devices can I use to access CableWiFi®?

With CableWiFi, three devices can be attached at the same time per user ID and ten per account.

Are there time or bandwidth limits when using CableWiFi®?

There are currently no time or bandwidth restrictions for eligible subscribers.

Are there pay per use or free trial options for CableWiFi®?

There are free trials and pay per use trials available in some areas, you will need to check with the provider in your area to gain access.

How can I get support for Cable WiFi®?

For CableWiFi support, please call 877-836-2390 and speak to a representative or go to www.cablewifi.com and select your provider.

Access and Use


What type of device can I use?

CableWiFi works with the same devices, operating systems, and web browsers you use with your Cox WiFi service. This includes laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

How do I sign in to the CableWiFi® network?

To sign in to CableWiFi, Cox customers use the same credentials they use to sign in to Cox WiFi.

To connect:

  1. Turn on the WiFi feature on your mobile device, laptop or tablet.
  2. Select the CableWiFi SSID from available wireless networks.
  3. Open your browser.
  4. Select Cox as your service provider.
  5. Enter your Cox User ID and password.
    Note: When signing into CableWifi, your Cox Username includes the email domain name @cox.net.
  6. Accept the Terms of Service, click Submit and connect.

Note: If you're having trouble connecting, you can always contact us at 877-836-2390 for support.

If I am a Cox customer and see both the Cox WiFi and the CableWiFi® network names, which one should I use?

Cox customers are encouraged to select Cox WiFi.

What is the difference between Cox WiFi and CableWiFi?

Both Cox WiFi and CableWiFi® are WiFi hotspot networks available to Cox customers on eligible Internet packages. Cox WiFi is only available in select Cox Service areas. Cable WiFi is available in cities across the nation and is comprised of hotspots provided by partners of the Cable WiFi consortium including Comcast, Bright House Networks, Optimum, and Time Warner Cable.

Will I have to sign in with my Cox User ID and password each time I access CableWiFi® from another participating service provider?

As a Cox WiFi subscriber, you will be required to sign in the first time you visit each individual CableWiFi® operator, but your device will be recognized by their networks for a period of two years.

For your security, you will be asked to sign in again to verify your username and password at least once every two years per CableWiFi operator, or if you access CableWiFi on a different device.

How do I disconnect my device from the CableWiFi® network?

The simplest way to disconnect from the CableWiFi network is to 

1. Access the list of Available networks used to connect

2. Select CableWiFi

3. Disconnect

Details may vary depending on the type of device you are using, so consult the device manufacturer's documentation for more information.

Note: CableWiFi® will “remember” your device for the next two years after your first sign-in, so the next time you connect over that period, your device will automatically connect to CableWiFi®.

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