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Installing McAfee Family Protection® for Mac

Last Updated: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn how to install McAfee Family Protection® for Mac.


As a Cox High Speed Internet customer, Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee® is licensed for installation on up to five devices, and McAfee Family Protection® on up to three computers.

Note: As of September 22, 2015, McAfee Family Protection is no longer available to download for new users. Existing users can continue using this software.

Using Cox Security Software

After installation, you can find all the useful features of your McAfee software right on your desktop with McAfee Security Center. If you are using Windows, see Installing McAfee Family Protection® for Windows.

Where you're at in the process...


AboutActivationDownload and Installation
In progress...
After activating McAfee Family Protection on the Cox Internet Tools page, you are forwarded to the McAfee website to download and install the software.

On the Family Protection tab, click Download next to McAfee Family Protection.

highlights Download button

Clicking the Download button creates an error if you have previously installed this software.


Review the License Agreement, then click I Agree.

 End User License Agreement


Click Start Download.

Start Download page

Write down or save a copy of the serial number on this page for reference. You are prompted to enter this serial number during installation.

Double-click Install McAfee Family Protection.

highlights Install, Uninstall options

Result: A warning message displays.


Click Open.

highlights Open button

Click Continue.

highlights Continue button

Result: The McAfee Family Protection Installer displays.
Click Continue.

Welcome page highlights Continue buttonWelcome page highlights Continue button

Review the Software License Agreement, then click Continue.

Software License Agreement page


Click Agree.

highlights Agree button


Click Continue.

Select Destination page, highlights Continue button


Click Install.

highlights Install button


If prompted, enter your Mac admin Name and Password, then click OK.

highlights Name and Password, OK button


Click Continue Installation.

highlights Continue Installation button


Once the installation is complete, click Restart.

The Installation was successful page, highlights Restart button


After your Mac restarts, the Activation window displays. Enter the Cox Primary Account Holder's Email Address and Password to activate McAfee Family Protection.

highlights Email Address and Password


Click the close this window link. McAfee Family Protection is now installed on your Mac.

highlights close this window link

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