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Cox Approved Cable Modems

Last Updated: Mon, 17 Oct 2016 > Related Articles

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View information on approved modems for use on all Cox High Speed Internet packages, excluding Gigablast.


Below are the modems that are approved for use with all Cox High Speed Internet packages, excluding Gigablast.

Need help picking a modem or have questions about DOCSIS technology? See Choosing the Right Cable Modem for more information.

Not all equipment sold by Cox is available in every Cox market. Check with your local market to find out what equipment is available. Also, modems that have been purchased from secondhand vendors, such as online auctions, garage sales, or pawn shops, may not work with Cox High Speed Internet service.

Cox Preferred Devices 

Cox offers DOCSIS 3.0 standalone cable modems and WiFi modems for rent or purchase. A WiFi modem combines a modem and wireless router in one convenient device. The modems below are recommended for use with Cox High Speed Internet service.

Note: Several of these devices are now My WiFi enabled. For more information about My WiFi, refer to Managing Your In-Home Network with My WiFi.

BrandModelChannelsCompatible PackagesMy WiFi Enabled?
ARRIS / SurfboardSB6183 (Cox purchased)16 x 4AllNo
DG2460 (Dual Band WiFi)24 x 8All excluding UltimateYes
TG2472 (Premium WiFi Modem, Dual Band WiFi)24 x 8AllYes
CiscoDPC3825 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Starter and EssentialYes
DPQ3925 (WiFi Internet & Telephone Modem)8 x 4Starter and EssentialYes
NetgearCG3000D (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Starter and EssentialComing later this year 
CG3000Dv2 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Starter and EssentialComing later this year  
CG4500BD (Dual Band WiFi)8 x 4All excluding UltimateComing later this year  
C6300BD (Dual Band WiFi)8 x 4All excluding UltimateComing later this year  
UbeeDDW365 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Starter and EssentialYes
DDW366 (Dual Band WiFi)8 x 4All excluding UltimateYes
(WiFi Internet & Telephone Modem)
8 x 4Starter and EssentialYes

Additional Cox Recommended DOCSIS 3.0 Devices

The DOCSIS 3.0 devices listed below meet our service and performance requirements.

Note: DOCSIS 3.0 devices are required for all new Preferred, Premier, and Ultimate package customers. Current Cox customers on those packages should ensure they have a DOCSIS 3.0 device in order to consistently receive optimal speeds. Additionally, Ultimate customers are required to have a DOCSIS 3.0 device with 16 x 4 or higher channel bonding to achieve package speeds. Older DOCSIS 3.0 devices with 8 x 4 channel bonding are only recommended for Premier or below packages, as shown in the following table.

BrandModelChannelsHighest Compatible Package
ARRIS / SurfboardSB61204 x 4Preferred
SB61214 x 4Preferred
SB61418 x 4Premier
SB61808 x 4Premier
SB61828 x 4Premier
SB6183 (Third party purchased)16 x 4Ultimate
SB619032 x 8Ultimate
SBG6400 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
SBG6580 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
SBG6700 (Dual Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
SBG6782 (Dual Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
SBG6900-AC (Dual Band WiFi)16 x 4Ultimate
CiscoDPC30004 x 4Preferred
DPC30088 x 4Premier
DPC30108 x 4Premier
DLinkDCM3018 x 4Premier
Hitron-ZyxelCDA303608 x 4Premier
LinksysCM30088 x 4Premier
CM301616 x 4Ultimate
CM302424 x 8Ultimate
MotorolaMB72208 x 4Premier
MB742016 x 4Ultimate
MG73108 x 4Premier
NetgearCMD31T4 x 4Preferred
CM4008 x 4Premier
CM50016 x 4Ultimate
CM60024 x 8Ultimate
C3000 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
C3700 (Dual Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
C6250 (Dual Band WiFi)16 x 4Ultimate
C6300 (Dual Band WiFi)16 x 4Ultimate
C7000 (Dual Band WiFi)24 x 8Ultimate
N450 (Single Band WiFi)

Note:This device is also known as the CG3000Dv2.
8 x 4Premier
TP-LINKTC-76108 x 4Premier
TC-762016 x 4Ultimate
TC-W7960 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
CR70016 x 4Ultimate
Zoom53414 x 4Preferred
5341J8 x 4Premier
53458 x 4Premier
5350 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
5352 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
5354 (Single Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
5360 (Dual Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
5363 (Dual Band WiFi)8 x 4Premier
537016 x 4Ultimate

Legacy DOCSIS 2.0 devices (no longer recommended)

Cox recommends all customers use a DOCSIS 3.0 device from the list above.

There are a limited number of DOCSIS 2.0 devices that continue to work on the Cox network, but if you are on a Preferred, Premier, or Ultimate package, Cox strongly recommends that you upgrade to a DOCSIS 3.0 device for the best consistent speed experience. Future speed increases may not be achievable with these devices.

SBG900 (WiFi Modem)
SBG901 (WiFi Modem)
LinksysBEFCMU10 v3
Scientific AtlantaDPX2100
SMC8013 (WiFi Modem)

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