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Scheduling and Recording Programs With Cox Mobile Connect

Last Updated: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 > Related Articles

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Schedule a reminder or recording from the TV & DVR option of the Cox Mobile Connect app.


Using Cox Mobile Connect, you can schedule remind yourself of upcoming programs and you can schedule them to record.

Note: You must have a cox.net account to use Cox Mobile Connect.

You cannot schedule a reminder for a program that has started or that has already aired in that time slot on that day. In addition, you can only set one reminder for a program. If you try to set a second reminder for that same program, you will see an error message display.

Log in to Cox Mobile Connect using your smartphone or other mobile device.

Note: If you haven't already created a User ID and Password, sign up for one by registering your account. See Cox.com Account Registration and Preferences.


  1. Tap the Menu icon.

    Cox Mobile Connect app highlighting the Menu icon.

  2. Tap TV Listings.

    Cox Mobile Connect menu highlighting TV Listings

From the TV Listings screen, tap the program you want to record or set a reminder.

Note: If you do not see your show, perform a search by tapping either Search or My Channels. You can browse by scrolling up or down on the current screen.

Cox Mobile Connect TV Listings


Tap either Record or Set Reminder.

Cox Mobile Connect TV Listings details

  • If you are setting a recording, follow these steps.
    1. Choose the Digital Receiver you want to use to record the program.

      Cox Mobile Connect DVR highlighting Record To option

    2. Tap Schedule Recording.

      Results: A confirmation displays.

      Cox Mobile Connect DVR recording confirmation
  • If you are setting a reminder, a confirmation displays informing you that you will be reminded 15 minutes prior to show time. The reminder comes in the form of an alert on your mobile device.

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