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Homelife Support

Learn how to protect, connect, and relax with support for your Homelife service. From arming and disarming your alarm, to managing your portal, Cox Homelife Support helps you with troubleshooting and step-by-step solutions.

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Managing Thermostats Using the Cox Homelife Subscriber Portal

Last Updated: Mon, 15 Aug 2016 > Related Articles

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Use Cox Homelife to control your thermostat from anywhere.


To utilize the features available for your thermostat, access the steps below to learn the following functions:

  • Monitoring Current State of Thermostat
  • Viewing Detailed Thermostat
  • Viewing or Changing Settings on Thermostat
Monitor Current State

The Cox Homelife Subscriber Portal allows you to monitor the state of up to five thermostats in real time and manage basic settings. The current states of paired thermostats are displayed on the Main page.
Main Page - Thermostats

View Detailed Thermostat

On the Main page, in the Thermostat Portlet, click VIEW THERMOSTATS. Or, on the Toolbar, hover over Devices, then click Thermostats.
Thermostats - View Thermostats
Result: The Thermostats page displays.
Thermostat Management
The current temperature displays on the box on the left side of the page. The Fahrenheit/Celsius button below the current temperature indicates the unit of measure.

Note: If there are multiple thermostats, a page similar to the one below displays and you can choose the one that you want.
Multiple Thermostat Management

View or Change Settings
  • Click the Fahrenheit/Celsius button to toggle the display between Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Click Cool, Heat, or Off to set the mode.
  • Click Fan to turn on the fan continuously, regardless of whether the heat or air conditioning is active.
  • Click Fan again to change it back to Auto, so the fan comes on only when the heat or air conditioning is active.
  • Click Hold Temp to maintain the mode and temperature settings and ignore any programming configured on the thermostat device.

  • In order for the thermostat rules to run, the thermostat must always remain in Simple Mode.
  • When placing the thermostat on Hold Temp from the Subscriber Portal, the thermostat device is not affected; however, the rules for that thermostat will not run.
  • The Subscriber Portal will not acknowledge the Hold / unHold actions performed from the thermostat, but this action will prevent the thermostat rules from running. For more on rules, see Managing Rules Using Cox Homelife.
  • Rules cannot switch between cooling and heating. There is not currently an auto changeover feature. You can set cool or heat set points in the thermostat scheduler, but you have to manually choose heat or cool.

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