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Learn how to protect, connect, and relax with support for your Homelife service. From arming and disarming your alarm, to managing your portal, Cox Homelife Support helps you with troubleshooting and step-by-step solutions.

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Adding and Managing Lighting Devices in Cox Homelife

Last Updated: Wed, 24 May 2017 > Related Articles

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Learn how to add and manage lighting devices using the Cox Homelife Touchscreen and Subscriber Portal.


Learn how to add and manage lighting devices using the Cox Homelife Touchscreen and Subscriber Portal respectively.

Adding Lighting Devices on the Touchscreen

The procedure describes how to add lighting devices using the touchscreen for Cox Homelife.

Note: Lighting devices control whether a light is turned on or off. This device can even manage dimmable lights.


Tap Settings on the touchscreen home.


Enter the Master Code to proceed to the Settings menu.


From the Settings menu, tap Home Devices.


From the Home Devices screen, tap Lighting.


After the Lighting menu loads, tap Add Lights.

Result: The Locating Lighting Devices screen displays.


Plug the lighting device into a wall socket and secure it with a screw.

To prepare for pairing the smart bulb, the bulb must be screwed into a powered lamp socket. The bulb will indicate that it is in pairing mode by producing a pattern of dimming and brightening every couple of seconds.

Note: If the smart bulb is installed into a lamp with an on/off switch or ceiling fixture that is controlled by a wall switch, the wall switch much remain the the ON position for the smart bulb to be controlled.


Tap Next after device is plugged into a wall socket or the bulb is installed.


Reset the device to factory default to place it in Search mode.


Place the device in Search mode by following these steps:

  1. Press and hold the On/Off button while plugging into an AC outlet.
  2. Once the LED light flashes, release and press the On/Off button again.

    Result: As lighting devices are found, an icon displays for that device.

When all the lighting devices are found, tap Done.

Result: The system notes the number of devices that were found and paired.


Tap Next.

Result: The Configure Lighting Devices screen displays.


Tap a lighting device to configure it.


After all the lighting devices are configured, tap Next.

Result: The Home Devices screen displays with Lights marked done.

Managing Lighting Devices in the Subscriber Portal

The Subscriber Portal allows users to remotely monitor, control or set dimming percentage, if applicable, for lighting devices. The current state of light settings is displayed on the Main window.

  1. On the My Home page, click the Lights tile.

    Light Status
  2. The Lights window displays providing users with the ability to turn the light on or off and set dimming percentage.

    Detailed Light Status

    1. To turn all lights on at one time use the ALL ON button and to turn all of the lights off use the ALL OFF button.
    2. For dimmable lights, press the square adjustment icon for the selected light. Then use the slider to adjust the brightness.

      Dimmable Lights

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