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Home Security

Learn how to protect, connect, and relax with support for your Home Security service. From arming and disarming your alarm, to managing your portal, Cox Home Security Support helps you with troubleshooting and step-by-step solutions.

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Cox Home Security How To Videos

Last Updated: Mon, 01 Dec 2014 > Related Articles

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Cox Home Security how to videos are available to walk you through your system step-by-step.


Learn how to use you Cox Home Security system with these how to videos.

  1. The Basics
    Learn about the basic terms and functions associated with your Cox Home Security system, including:
    • Security zones
    • Arming modes
    • Alarms
    • Fire and smoke alarms
  2. Touchscreen
    Learn about the features and functions available on your Cox Home Security Touchscreen, including:
    • Arming and disarming the system
    • Managing security zones
    • Triggering panic alarms
    • Accessing and managing Apps
    • Managing security keypad codes
    • Customizing your settings
  3. Subscriber Portal
    Learn about accessing and managing your system through your personalized online web portal located at https://portal.coxhomesecurity.com.  
    • Arming and disarming the system
    • Zone management
    • Managing passcodes and passwords
    • Managing home devices: cameras, thermostats and lights
    • Viewing event history
    • Creating rules and alerts
    • Managing Apps
    • Managing your portal account

      Note: You can reset your username or password on the login page.

  4. Mobile App
    Learn about using the Cox Home Security mobile app to access your system’s features, including:
    • Arming and disarming the system
    • Viewing live video
    • Managing thermostats and connected lights
    • Viewing event history

      Note: Log into your mobile app using your Subscriber Portal username and password.



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