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Homelife Support

Learn how to protect, connect, and relax with support for your Homelife service. From arming and disarming your alarm, to managing your portal, Cox Homelife Support helps you with troubleshooting and step-by-step solutions.

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View and Capture Live Video and Snapshots Using the Cox Homelife Subscriber Portal

Last Updated: Fri, 11 Nov 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn how to capture and view video and snapshots with the Cox Homelife Subscriber Portal.


You can add up to six cameras to your Cox Homelife System. When an alarm is tripped, even if the monitoring station is not notified, the cameras will take five pictures in quick succession. From the main page of the Subscriber Portal, you can:

Currently you can stream live camera content for up to 80 minutes per session on the touchscreen, app or portal. A session is defined as an uninterrupted recording.

The Cox Homelife Continuous Video Recording (CVR) feature lets you capture continuously recorded video on one or two cameras, 24 hours a day, for up to ten days.

View live video

From the Subscriber Portal My Home page click on the camera image to view live streaming video from that one camera, or click the Cameras tile to view live streaming video from each camera. Select a desired camera to view live video, captured pictures and video clips from that specific camera. 

Main Page - Cameras

Note: If you are unable to view video feed take the following actions:

  • Check camera power. If it has power, reboot. 
  • Verify local firewall and other virus protection is not blocking camera feed.
View captured images

From the Subscriber Portal My Home page perform the following actions to view captured images.

  • Click a snapshot or video clip on the Activity Stream to view recorded video or pictures from the most recent recordings or captured pictures. 
  • Click Full to view all activity and filter by Pictures/Videos showing all captured images for each of your installed cameras.

Captured pictures and videos

Capture Live Video / Snapshot

Click on a live camera feed.

  • To capture a picture and save it, click on the Take Picture icon. 
  • To capture a 15 second video clip and save it, click on the Take Video icon.
  • To view a previously recorded video clip or picture, click on the clip or picture below the live video.
  • To view your other cameras, use the left and right arrows on the live video feed.

When the Take Picture or Take Video Clip function is performed, a thumbnail of the picture / clip is added to the array of thumbnails at the bottom of the page.


Capture Picture or Video


Save or Delete snapshot or video

To save or delete snapshots or video clips, select it, and click either the Save or Delete button.

Saving or Deleting Videos


  • Choosing Save saves the image to your computer and a check mark appears on the Save button to signify the image has saved. A pop-up box appears at the bottom of the window with three options - Open, Save, or Cancel. 
  • Choosing Delete causes a confirmation window

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