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About the Contour 2 App

Last Updated: Tue, 17 Jan 2017 > Related Articles

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Learn about the in-home Contour 2 App features, technical requirements, and device compatibility.


The Contour 2 app works with the Cox home network and Contour 2 TV guide to offer even more ways to watch live TV, search and watch favorite shows via On Demand, listen to music, browse TV listings, and more! 

Use the links below to quickly access information for:


To watch TV using the Contour 2 app you need the following minimum services and credentials.

  • Any level of Cox High Speed Internet when in home 
  • Any connection can be used to view TVGO channels out of home
  • Starter TV
  • Cox user ID and password
  • WiFi home network behind a DOCSIS modem, eMTA, or gateway
  • A phone or tablet with a supported operating system

Supported Devices

See operating system and device requirements for the Contour 2 app, and how to watch TV online in the table below. 

The Contour 2 app is not available for Windows phones or tablets. 

TypeOperating System(s)How to watch
AppleiOS 9.0 or higherWatch on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Android OS 4.1 or higher
  • Fire OS 4.0.3 or higher
Watch on any phone or tablet with a supported operating system
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Windows 10

Go to watchtv.cox.com using one of the following browsers.

  • IE11 or higher
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari 5.1 or higher


With the Contour 2 app, stream on five devices at the same time with access to the following elements.

  • Live TV - Stream any national channel in the channel lineup live while connected to in-home Cox Internet.
    Note: Some local channels may not be available at this time.
  • On Demand - View shows and movies from the Contour 2 On Demand library in-home using Cox in-home WiFi.
  • Pay-per-view - Eventually, these events and subscription adult channels will be available with Contour 2.

With the Contour 2 App a variety of features are available in and out of the home. Use the table below to see which features are available in both locations.

FeatureAvailable In-HomeAvailable Out-Of-HomeCategory / LocationNotes
Guide and On Demand streaming, including On Demand library.YesNo
  • Guide
  • On Demand
  • The same national channels are available on the receiver and on in-home mobile devices. 
  • When out-of-home this option is greyed out.
Browsing all guide listings and On Demand libraries.YesYes
  • Guide
  • On Demand
Based on customer service level and out of home based on market availability
Additional information on TV shows, movies, or TV Series, including the ability to view a list of upcoming TV shows.YesYes
  • Guide
  • On Demand 
  • Saved
Use Parental Control Locks to control On Demand shows and movie availability.YesYesOn Demand 
Use the More Like This featureYesYesOn Demand 
Review the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for On Demand contentYesYesOn Demand 
Turn SAP and DVS on and off.YesYesSettings - Accessibility 
Parental Control PIN features including the ability to enter, turn on / off, and modify the Parental control PIN.YesYesSettings - Parental Controls 
Manage, reset, or modify the Parental Control features, Safe Browse Settings, Movie and TV Ratings Locks.YesYesSettings - Parental Controls 
Ability to search for programsYesYesAccessed via the menu icon that is depicted with 3 small horizontal bars 
Schedule and access your DVR remotelyNoNoNot currently available with the Contour 2 appComing soon

In App Messaging  

When viewing channels outside of the home the you may use cellular data. There may be fees from your cellular provider associated with data usage.

Cellular Data On Screen Messaging
Expand this section to view possible on-screen messaging for cellular data use.
On screen message may read, Use Cellular Data? You may incur charges from your provider when downloading or watching video over cellular connections such as 3G and LTE. Use Cellular when not connected to WiFi?  When not extended to full screen a cellular data usage reminder may display under a program.

Channels that can be accessed out of home will be on a separate stream than the standard or high definition channel. The channel will appear with a TVGO logo next to or under neath the name of the channel.

TVGO Logo and Messaging

Expand this section to view possible out of home icons and messaging.

A TVGO logo will appear in the guide next to channels that are available out of the home.

In Home Only Messaging and Callouts

Expand this section to view in home channel messaging.

Before viewing a channel an in home message may display when not connected to the home WiFi. An icon will display with channel or program descriptions as In Home if the channel cannot be viewed out of the home network.

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