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Homelife Support

Learn how to protect, connect, and relax with support for your Homelife service. From arming and disarming your alarm, to managing your portal, Cox Homelife Support helps you with troubleshooting and step-by-step solutions.

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Viewing Activity History in the Cox Homelife Subscriber Portal

Last Updated: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 > Related Articles

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You can monitor Cox Homelife activity using the Subscriber Portal. Learn more about the activity reports you can access and how to use them.


Use this information to understand the types of alarm activity available for viewing.

Alarm Activity Types

Sort alarm information by the following activity types:

  • Events
    • Alarm
    • Test
    • Zone that Reported Alarm
    • Alarm Aborted
    • Alarm Canceled
  • Types
    • Door Opens / Closes
    • Window Opens / Closes
  • Time
EventsALARMBeginning and ending of an alarm event.
TESTBeginning and ending of a test alarm event.
Name of the zone that reported the alarmThe zone which reported the alarm event.
Alarm AbortedA valid keypad code was entered within the Alarm Transmission delay. The alarm was not sent to the monitoring station.
Alarm CanceledA valid keypad code was entered within the Cancel Window (within five minutes of the alarm sounding). The alarm might have been sent to the monitoring station.
Types The type of action taken that caused the alarm.

Date / Time of the event.

Note: This column title includes the time zone of the premise.

If there are cameras in the security system, a camera icon is displayed in this column. Click the camera icon to view the images captured when this alarm occurred.

The following is an alarm event that occurred on a previous day:

Alarm event

The alarm's beginning and end is marked with an icon. Each alarm event can collapse into a single row by clicking the plus / minus next to the first event in the alarm.

Note: In the example below, there is no expand / contract icon next to the icon. This event cannot be expanded. Hover the cursor over the clock icon to display the expanded events and interactive icons. 

Hovering over Clock for Event

If a camera appears on the list of events, click it to view the camera images captured when the alarm was triggered.

View History Activity

View and sort history events with the following criteria:

  • All history (with tools to filter your results) alarms
  • System arming or disarming events
  • System trouble events
  • Security zone activity
  • Events occurring in the previous 24 hours

To view history information, select History > [Option Name] on the toolbar.

Access alarm information within the All History option, the Last 24 Hours option, and the Alarms Activity option.

History Information OptionsDescription
All HistoryAll logged events.
AlarmsSystem was tripped causing a call to be sent to a central monitoring station.
Arm / DisarmSystem was disarmed or armed in Arm Away, Arm Stay, or Arm Night mode.
Trouble Events
  • System Trouble events are when the Touchscreen has lost power or has a low battery.
  • Zone Trouble events are when a sensor has failed due to battery power or it has been tampered with.
Zone ActivityAn event has occurred at a non-bypassed security zone, regardless of whether the system is armed or disarmed.
Last 24 HoursAll events occurring in the previous 24 hours (not calendar day).

View the All History Option

The All History option lists all events logged by the system. Only the most recent 150 events are listed for each day. The All History Option includes various ways to filter the events.

View by Specific Date
  • Click a date in the header to view the events for that day.
  • Click on Previous to view a past date.

    View A Specific Date

  • Click the calendar tool icon to view events that occurred on a specific date.

    History Specific Date
View by Range of Dates

Click the Details link to view the tool that limits the displayed events to those within a range of days or to specific event types.

: If the Show All button is selected, the results lists events for the currently selected day.

  • If the Show All button is clicked, the following tool is displayed. You can list all events that occurred on a selected calendar date. Click Go to display your results.

    Displayed Events Details

  • Click the Range button, and the calendar tool allows you to select From / To dates to list only events within those calendar dates. Click Go to display your results.

    Show Date Range

  • Whether the Show All button is clicked or the Range button is clicked, you can select or unselect the Include These Events check boxes to specify what types of events to display in the All History option.
  • Select an option to include only events from specified zones in the History results. Unselect options to filter those from the results.
Modify what events are includedClick the Zones plus icon to display events from only specific zones.
Expand Zones

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