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Personalizing and Editing Photo Touchscreen Apps in the Cox Home Security Subscriber Portal

Last Updated: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 > Related Articles

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Use these steps to edit the photo app in the Cox Home Security Subscriber Portal.


The following steps can assist you in editing apps in the Cox Home Security Subscriber Portal.

The Photo App has the capability to be personalized on the Cox Home Security Subscriber Portal. For example, the Photos app uses the pictures and tags in a Flickr account to display a slide show of photos.

Create an account at FlickrĀ®, and upload photos.
  1. Click the Apps menu.
    Result: The Manage Apps On Your TouchScreen window displays.
    on the Subscriber Portal, hover the cursor over the Photos app. 

    : A label displays over the app.

  2. Click Edit 

    Result: The Flickr Widget Configuration screen displays.

Click Change my flickr account to connect a Flickr account to the Photos app.
Select the number of seconds to display each picture in the slide show.
Select the tags for photos that will display by the Photos app, separating the tags with commas.

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