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Setting Up Emergency Dispatch Contacts Using the Cox Homelife Subscriber Portal

Last Updated: Mon, 25 Jan 2016 > Related Articles

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Following this process identifies the Emergency Dispatch contacts who are the persons contacted by a call center when an alarm is tripped.


This process describes the Emergency Dispatch contacts, who are the persons contacted by the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) when an alarm is tripped. The contacts are drawn from the Contacts list. When the CMS contacts a person on the Emergency Dispatch list, the person must give a Secret Word (Central Station Passcode) to cancel an active alarm.


To manage Emergency Dispatch contacts, select Security > Emergency Dispatch Setup on the toolbar.

Result: The Emergency Dispatch Setup page displays.

Emergency Dispatch Setup


Click Add Contact.

Result: The Add Emergency Contact window displays.

Adding Emergency Contacts


Select the Call Order for the contact.

Note: The call order determines who the Central Monitoring Station contacts first in the event of an emergency. No more than four emergency contacts can be added.


Enter a First Name, Last Name, and Phone number.


From the drop down menu, select if the phone number is home, mobile, or other.


Click a When to Call option.


Click SAVE.

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