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About Location-Based Advertising

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This article contains information about location-based advertising for Cox customers in Arizona.


Location-based advertising helps deliver offers and incentives from national brands and local businesses with content tailored to your area. Location-based advertising uses your zip code, including the last four digits, to identify your area and display relevant ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does location-based advertising work?

Location-based ads are displayed to customers based on the zip+4 location of their cable modem. For example, if a local pizza parlor wants to offer coupons to customers who live in a certain area, they can ensure online ads are only shown to high-speed Internet customers who actually live in that area.

Will I tell if an ad that displays online is based on my location?

Not necessarily. Location-based ads may look just like any other you see online. They are NOT in addition to ads you would already see; they will just replace ads that would otherwise appear on your screen. You might find location-based advertising more relevant to you because it allows merchants to offer discounts and promotions based on your specific geographic location.

How is this different from behavioral online advertising?

Unlike behavioral advertising, location-based ads have nothing to do with your Web surfing history. If you see a location-based ad, it’s only because that advertiser has selected your zip code as an area they want to target.

Where is Cox testing location-based advertising? When will it be in my service area?

Cox’s initial trial of location-based advertising is taking place in our Arizona market. After the trial we will decide whether to continue to deploy this functionality to other Cox markets in 2010.

 Does Cox sell information to the presented advertisers?

No. Your personal information is completely safe and at no time does an advertiser even know which customers receive their ads online. Cox’s location-based advertising program is based on a double-blind system which means that neither the advertiser nor the ad network which sells the ads ever has access to your personal information.

How does Cox know what ads to send me?

Ads are sent to customers based on the geographic location – the zip code, including the last four digits – of where your cable modem resides. So, for example, if a car repair shop was trying to target customers in downtown Phoenix, they could purchase location-based ads to be delivered only to customers with cable modems in that zip code.

How do I opt out of this service?

If you choose to opt out of location-based advertising, log in to Internet Tools on My Connection at Refer to Opting Out of Location-Based Advertising for detailed steps.

If I opt-out, can I opt-in later?

Yes, you can change your opt-out status at any time by visiting Internet Tools.

Are the ads presented based on my browsing habits?

Not at all. The ads presented are strictly based on the zip code location of your cable modem. They have nothing to do with your Internet surfing habits.

Does Cox endorse any of the advertisers?

No, Cox does not endorse any of the advertisers who purchase display ads through this location-based system. Due to the nature of the double-blind system, Cox has no knowledge of which advertisers will be utilizing the service.


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