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Data Plan and Usage

Last Updated: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 > Related Articles

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Learn more about data usage and how it impacts data plans.


Data Plans are included in your Cox Internet package. About 95% of Cox customers are currently on a Data Plan that more than adequately meets the monthly needs of their household. However, some households, particularly those with multiple Internet users that enjoy streaming TV or movies, may want to select an Internet package with a larger data plan.That is why we offer plans for all types of users so you can choose what is best for your household.
To learn more, see one of the following topics below.

Data Plans 

Cox High Speed Internet packages include various speeds and Data Plans tailored to provide you with plenty of freedom to stream, surf, download and share. See the table below for available options.

Note: Unused data does not carry over to the next month.

PackageMonthly Included DataSpeeds
Download / Upload
Starter200 GB5 Mbps / 1 Mbps
Essential250 GB15 Mbps / 2 Mbps
Preferred350 GB50 Mbps / 5 Mbps
Premier700 GB100 Mbps / 10 Mbps
Ultimate1000 GB200 Mbps / 20 Mbps
Note: 300 Mbps / 30 Mbps in select areas
Gigablast (Where Available)2000 GB1 Gbps / 1 Gbps


Cox managed content accessed through these Cox-provided services requiring a separate subscription does not count toward your Data Plan.

  • Video on Demand and TV content accessed through the Contour or Cox TV Connect app
  • Cox Digital Telephone
  • Cox Homelife

Note: Other activities, such as using the Contour Guide, watching TV Everywhere content on cox.com, accessing a third-party app on your device within or outside of the Contour or Cox TV Connect app will count toward your monthly Data Plan. Examples of third-party apps within Contour include HBO GO or ESPN3.

Usage Over Your Data Plan 

If you exceed your data plan, your service will not be interrupted except in the rare cases of excessive usage. In those extremely rare situations, Cox may suspend service after attempting to resolve the issue. See Cox Online Privacy Policy and related terms and agreements for additional information.

Monitor Your Data Usage 

Monitor Data Usage
Cox provides a Data Usage Meter for you to monitor your data usage. This meter has been thoroughly tested for accuracy by Cox. Netforecast, an independent third party, has also provided an independent report (PDF) verifying accuracy. Simply sign in to view daily, monthly, and historical summaries of your household’s data usage. See Accessing and Using the Data Usage Meter to learn more.
Manage Data Usage
No matter how you spend time online, data usage changes depending on your online activity. See www.cox.com/datausage to learn how you can maximize your data plan.

Additional Questions and Answers 

View the following frequently asked questions about Data Plans. If you have additional questions, you can contact us.

Will I be billed if I exceed these plans?

Cox is conducting a limited data usage trial in Cleveland, Ohio. In all other markets, Cox does not currently charge additional fees if your data plan is exceeded.

Will Cox throttle my speeds if I exceed my Data Plan?

There will be no change to the speed or quality of your Internet service if you exceed your Data Plan.

How quickly will I see my data usage appear on the Data Usage Meter?

Data usage is updated nightly and the Data Usage Meter reflects usage through the previous day. Occasionally, it may take longer to update your data usage on the meter.

Over what time period does my Data Plan cover?

Your Data Plan is monthly based on your usage cycle, and aligns closely to the start and end dates of your bill cycle. Usage Cycle dates specific to your account are displayed on your Data Usage Meter.

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