Innovation in Education

2007 Tulsa Recipients

Bartlett Academy –
What’s in that Stuff!

What’s in that stuff! is a program dedicated to teaching students scientific methods to determine what materials compose various chemical compounds. The project will combine the use of laboratory and field exercises in innovative ways, as well as professional sources to discover the make up of certain compounds. Activities will include flame spectroscopy, chromatography, field observation of steel chemical composition, and field observation of the use of a nuclear magnetic resonance machine. New knowledge will be reinforced to 70 students through a series of games, quizzes, and a test over a ten day period. This project intends to spark the curiosity and creativity of students all while learning once and for all, What’s in that stuff!

Byrd Middle School –
Innovation and Transformation

The Innovation and Transformation program at Byrd Middle School is dedicated to providing hands on learning in the fields of math and science to middle school students. This project will have an emphasis on architecture, construction and manufacturing. It will use state-of-the-art, real-time technology, as well as employ the help of the Robotics Academy at Memorial High School. Students will learn the meaning of invention and innovation, as well as the core concepts and roles that technology and design play in each. This program will allow students to improve their math, science, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, plus give them the tools that they will need to succeed in and beyond the classroom.

Glenpool Alternative Program –
Performance English Golden Triangle

The Performance English Golden Triangle program is dedicated to the improvement of students’ knowledge and use of the English language. The program will be a part of every English class for the school year, providing practice in reading, writing and grammar. The program breaks a pattern of teaching that is often uninteresting for students, and allows the students to become not only active listeners, but teachers as well. A boost of confidence and self respect will be the biggest by-products of this program, as everyone is given a chance to let their creativity soar.

Jenks High School –
Transition Project for Students with Special Needs

The Jenks High School Transition Program is designed to help students with disabilities make the adjustment into adult life. The project hopes to create a real-world environment by creating a studio apartment complete with bedroom and living room furniture, as well as a full kitchen. The goals of this project are to teach special needs students the general independent living skills of housekeeping, cooking and cleaning. The project will impact 30-40 special needs students each year, as well as 80 to 100 peer tutors a semester. Each student will leave this program with the skills needed to become employed and independent as adults. This transition program will lead the way for other such programs all across the Oklahoma area.

Limestone Elementary –
Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is a program at Limestone Elementary that will excite students as they learn about social studies and geography. No longer will textbooks, overhead projectors, chalkboards, or videos be the only way to excite children about learning. This program will take advantage of new technology that will allow the students to participate in project-based learning instead of lecture-style learning. By using this new technology, students will be able to create movies and presentations that will highlight their achievements, all while improving their test scores. This program will give these students a technological head start as they continue to grow and move into the digital age.

Marshall Elementary –
Autism Camp Training

The Autism Camp Training Program will ensure that every autistic child in the Tulsa Public Schools District has a chance to succeed and excel in their lives. This program will teach faculty and staff new techniques on how to correctly care for these special needs students. The goals of this project are to increase staff knowledge, increase social behavioral skills in students with autism, and to improve the communication and learning environment in the classroom. With a highly trained staff and improved communication skills the sky’s the limit for these special needs students.

New Covenant Academy –
Readmaster Plus

Readmaster Plus is a program dedicated to increasing reading speed and comprehension, math skills and keyboarding abilities. By providing students with fun and challenging drills, games, stories and quizzes, students will be able to improve where improvement is needed, as well as reinforce what they already know. This program will involve 60 students in grades 1-12. The 1st through 8th graders will focus on math, reading, and keyboarding, while 9th through 12th grades will focus on the reading, keyboarding and software training. This program will give each student the necessary skills and abilities to succeed in high school, college, and ultimately the business world.

Owen Elementary –
Continuing Commitment to Excellence

The students at Owen Elementary are continuing their ground breaking work with the Orff music system. The program greatly encourages innovation and imagination through improvisation in their music, which transfers over to all other facets of their learning experience. The program improves cognitive memory, spatial reasoning, and mathematical skills all while teaching the students music skills. The objective of this program is for students to understand the basic concepts of musical rhythms, to interpret and improvise in speech, movement and singing, as well as to grasp basic improvisation and play simple rhythms on the Orff musical instruments

Rosa Parks Elementary –
Lifelong Literacy Lovers

Students at Rosa Parks Elementary are becoming involved in the Lifelong Literacy Lovers program. This is a program that will greatly increase the number of books in the library, as well as increase the reading level of each student. 469 students in grades K-5 will benefit from this program. This program will give students who do not have books at home or transportation to the public library, a chance to be exposed to a large amount of books at school.

St. Pius X Elementary –
Video Production

The Video Production program at St. Pius will teach students many facets of video production. Students will be immersed in a program that explores how a video camera works, how to write a story board and create a video production. All learning will take place in a production studio setting, giving the students a chance to see what it feels like to create a movie. 100 students ranging in age from 12-14 will partake in this daily program.

Tulsa Central High School –
Operation Incentive

Operation Incentive gives students a fun and creative way to break into the journalistic profession. Getting students involved in TV broadcasting and newspaper production entices them to improve their language arts skills, as well as to perfect their use of standard English. While improving their skills, the 45 students involved in this program will keep the rest of their school up to date on current events by putting together a weekly closed circuit TV and web broadcast as well as a monthly paper.

Wright Elementary –
Sing and Sign

Students at Wright Elementary who are deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing students will get the chance to participate in musical and theatrical productions in the Sing and Sign program. This program will give students the opportunity to learn different genres of music by using various aspects of Fine Arts. Sing and Sign incorporates music, language, and technology, allowing students to become stars in their own productions. Nearly four hundred students will participate in performances and the digital recording of live school productions. This program teaches the students that you do not need to hear the music in order to feel it.