Innovation in Education

2006 Tulsa Recipients

Addams Elementary School –
Project Prairie Outdoor Classroom
Through the Project Prairie Outdoor Classroom, Addams Elementary School is designing an outdoor classroom to attract wildlife native to Oklahoma and develop into a local ecosystem. The outdoor classroom will contain a butterfly garden, birdhouses, feeders, and weather station all in a tall and short grass prairie setting. More than 230 students at Addams Elementary School will be involved in the implementation of the outdoor classroom, including planting and learning about the wildlife, plants and weather. The program will incorporate the Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) standards of Oklahoma and Tulsa Public Schools, plus fulfill the environmental science needs for all of the students.

All Saints Catholic School –
Accelerated Reading Program
The Accelerated Reading Program is a computer-based literacy program designed to increase students reading and comprehension skills. More than 100 students will benefit from this independent, self directed teaching activity for reading literacy. Each student at All Saints will be required to read books at their current reading level, followed by computer quizzes to test their knowledge and comprehension of the materials. The quizzes will be used by the classroom teachers to evaluate the students’ reading levels and progress. With the Accelerated Reading Program students will increase their reading skills and comprehension, develop test taking skills, receive a positive sense of accomplishment and hopefully find a love for reading.

Angus Valley Elementary School –
Live from Channel 9, W.A.V.E!!!
W.A.V.E. is a live, daily newscast at Angus Valley Elementary School in Sand Springs. The program is implemented by fifth grade students who learn to write and edit scripts, prepare interviews and be accountable for job assignments for each broadcast. This project benefits more than 350 students, as well as the professional learning community. W.A.V.E. incorporates all school activities into their newscasts and highly encourages teachers, students and public figures to get involved. Guest speakers have included the mayor, superintendent and cabinet, authors and local TV anchors. This program gives students confidence, hands-on experience, motivation and the chance to work as a team player.

Arrowhead Elementary School –
Clay Animation Videos
Arrowhead Elementary School is blending art and electronics into the Clay Animation Video program. This is a new and different approach to integrate technology into the curriculum. More than 450 students will create animated stories from clay, plus write, design, organize and implement their project. Each student will create an animated story related to one of their school subjects using digital imaging software. As the students use their creativity to produce these animated stories, they will be use a variety of media and formats to communicate their ideas.

Centennial Middle School –
Research This!
Centennial Middle School is preparing students for higher education by teaching important research skills to 6-8 graders. Research This! is a program that will teach more than 750 students how to research a topic, create source and note cards, evaluate sources for accuracy and reliability, write a bibliography and develop a final research paper. The grant will allow Centennial to buy library books that focus on the Middle Ages, unusual phenomena, and the Holocaust, for students to create these research papers.

Childers Middle School –
Music Notation Platform Project
The Sibelius Music Notation Platform program will provide a common music notation program to all instrumental music teachers in the Broken Arrow Public School system. This program allows all instructors to share music files with other teachers the same way MS-Office documents are shared, creating consistency among music education programs throughout the district. Sibelius also has the ability to design written tests and work sheets, which will improve the curriculum and directly effect more than 1,500 music students in the Broken Arrow school district.

Coweta High School –
Probing Science with Our Minds
The Probing Science with Our Minds program is stimulating a greater interest and enthusiasm for science students at Coweta High School. The uniqueness of this project allows the students and teachers to implement the use of TI-graphing calculators with Vernier LabPro data collection interfaces and various probes and sensors. Probing Science with Our Minds allows students to perform experiments that are not usually possible in high school courses. With the help of this program, students are better prepared for end of instruction and advanced placement exams, and have broadened their scientific horizons and prepared them for college.

Dove Science Academy –
Experience First, Then Intellectualize
Dove Science Academy is taking music to another level through the Experience First, Then Intellectualize program. This program teaches students the basics of playing music in an instrumental and group setting using Orff instruments. These instruments are specially designed to allow students to learn music in a non-restrictive and non-competitive environment because the students do not need experience to play the instruments. More than 700 students will receive hands on experience and will be able to create and improvise their own musical creations, in addition to performing as an orchestra at seasonal concerts.

Glenpool Middle School –
Good Morning Glenpool
Good Morning Glenpool’s objective is to provide students with the knowledge and ability needed to create professional-quality video presentations, tutorials and newscasts. This program will improve the reading, writing and verbal communication skills of all 6-8 grade students enrolled in the program. Good Morning Glenpool allows all student organizations at Glenpool Middle School to become involved with the program by working with the student news directors to produce stories on upcoming events. This program also allows students to be informed of activities happening at Glenpool Middle School.

Grove Elementary School –
Reading Games to ‘Croak’ About
Grove Elementary School is adopting a new method aimed to improve students’ reading, language and critical thinking skills. The Reading Games to ‘Croak’ About program uses the Frog System Learning Games, a best practice named in the No Child Left Behind Act, to teach and reinforce these skills. Students perceive these games as “fun games” rather than classroom assignments. Over the next five years, this program will help more than 900 students increase their test scores, motivation, reading, language, and critical thinking skills. These games correlate with the Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) and skills assessed by the Union Reading Assessment Portfolio (URAP).

Owen Elementary School –
Experiencing Music through Learning Styles and Senses
The students at Owen Elementary School are using their senses and learning styles to experience music in a new way with the help of Orff musical instruments. With the Experiencing Music through Learning Styles and Senses program, more than 400 students will use movement, speech, activities and instruments on a daily basis. The objective of this program is for students to understand the basic concepts of musical rhythms, to interpret and improvise in speech, movement and singing, as well as to grasp basic improvisation and play simple rhythms on the Orff musical instruments.