Cox Connects Foundation

Our Mission — To strengthen Cox communities through support of programs that positively impact Oklahoman’s in the areas of education, technology, health and the arts.

At Cox Communications, community involvement is more than a commitment, it is a way of life.

Nearly 2,000 employees live, work and play in the communities Cox serves. That presence translates into a strong dedication to grow and improve the quality of life in those cities and neighborhoods.

As a local company, Cox looks for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors through both the products we provide our customers and the assistance we offer local charities. We believe this is vital to the success of the company and the enrichment of the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas.

Cox employees are known for their generosity and involvement in the community. It is this involvement and desire to improve the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas that led to the creation of the Cox Connects Foundation.



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Cox Connects Foundation Programs

The Cox Connects Foundation fulfills its mission through four programs:

  • Innovation in Education Grants
  • Cox Connects Community Impact Grant
  • Cox Connects Community Investment Program
  • Cox Cares Employee Relief Program

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How are Cox Connects gift invested?

Of each dollar donated to the Cox Connects Foundation, 100 percent is directly invested in programs and services in the communities Cox serves.

The Cox Connects Advisory Council serves as the governance structure for the Cox Connects Foundation. Comprised of a diverse group of Cox employees, the Advisory Council determines how the funds raised can have the greatest impact in the community by evaluating proposals and making recommendations for final grant awards.

Cox Connects Foundation Fund Management

Funds donated to the Cox Connects Foundation are managed and distributed by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and Tulsa Community Foundation, 501 (c)(3) management organizations, as advised by the Cox Connects Advisory Council.

To learn more about these organizations, visit:

  • Oklahoma City Community or call (405) 235-5603
  • Tulsa Community or call (918) 494-8823

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