If you are a current Cox Digital Telephone customer or if you are considering adding Cox Digital Telephone,  you may be eligible to receive a $7.00 Monthly Discount on local exchange service and a 50% discount on installation charges.

The Lifeline Telephone Assistance and Link-Up America Assistance Program discount applies only to local exchange services and does not apply to any other Cox Communications services. In order to receive this discount, you must be enrolled in a qualifying assistance program. Other restrictions may apply.

For more information or to pick up an application, please visit your nearest Cox Service Center or call 1-888-898-9751  

Click the link below to participate in the Lifeline / Link-Up programs

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In light of the Digital Transition, the government mandate that full power TV stations cease broadcasting in analog by February 17, 2009, we want you to know that your TVs connected to Cox cable will continue to receive the stations that you currently do and we will take care of the transition for you.  For any TVs in your household that rely exclusively on an antenna for you to view full power over-the-air broadcast stations (like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, etc.), you can continue receiving those channels and many more by connecting the TV to Cox, purchasing a new digital-to-analog converter box (which will convert broadcast stations only - not cable channels) at a local retail store, or buying a new TV that contains a digital tuner. Analog TVs should continue to work as before with gaming consoles, VCRs, DVD players and similar products, and receive any available low power broadcast stations.  You can access additional information about the digital transition at http://www.DTV.gov, http://www.cox.com/support/cable/transition_main.asp and http://www.dtv2009.gov or you can call 1-888-DTV-2009 to learn more about subsidized coupons for digital-to-analog converter boxes.