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Century 20 Daly City and XD

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy8/1/2014

A space adventurer (Chris Pratt) becomes the quarry of bounty hunters after he steals an orb coveted by a treacherous villain, but after he discovers the orb's true power, he must find a way to unite four ragtag rivals to save the universe.


Genre: Action, Adventure, Science fiction
Length: 121
Rating: PG-13
The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner9/19/2014

A teen awakes within a massive maze with other teens, with no memory of his past other than dreams about an organization known as WCKD. He hopes to escape by piecing together fragments of his past and clues he discovers in the labyrinth.

10:35 | 1:45 | 4:45 | 8:00 | 10:55

Genre: Science fiction, Thriller
Length: 113
Rating: PG-13


A successful businesswoman (Sharon Leal) puts her family, career and life on the line to satisfy her addiction to sex.

10:00 | 12:40 | 3:50 | 7:05 | 10:45

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Length: 105
Rating: R
The Equalizer

The Equalizer9/26/2014

A former commando (Denzel Washington) comes out of retirement and puts his special skills to work to rescue a girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) who is under the control of ruthless Russian mobsters.

12:10 | 3:40 | 7:10 | 10:35

Genre: Action, Thriller
Length: 132
Rating: R
The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls9/26/2014

A boy (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) and his new friend (Elle Fanning) hatch a plan to save a community of mischievous cavern-dwellers from the villainous townsman (Ben Kingsley) who plans to exterminate them.

10:30 | 1:00 | 3:45 | 6:30

Genre: Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Fantasy
Length: 96
Rating: PG
Gone Girl

Gone Girl10/3/2014

A man (Ben Affleck) reports that his wife (Rosamund Pike) has gone missing on their fifth wedding anniversary, but his public portrait of their blissful union begins to crumble under police pressure and a growing media frenzy.

10:10 | 11:20 | 3:00 | 7:00 | 8:50 | 9:45

Genre: Crime drama, Mystery, Thriller
Length: 149
Rating: R
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day10/10/2014

An 11-year-old boy (Ed Oxenbould) experiences the worst day of his young life but soon learns that he's not alone when other members of his family encounter their own calamities.

10:10 | 11:10 | 12:45 | 1:50 | 3:30 | 4:35 | 6:05 | 7:15 | 9:40

Genre: Comedy
Length: 81
Rating: PG
The Judge

The Judge10/10/2014

A slick Chicago lawyer (Robert Downey) returns home to Indiana upon the passing of his mother, then soon becomes engaged in defending his estranged father (Robert Duvall), a recovering alcoholic who will be tried for a hit-and-run death.

11:50 | 3:10 | 6:40 | 10:15

Genre: Drama
Length: 141
Rating: R
The Best of Me

The Best of Me10/17/2014

The funeral of a close friend reunites former high-school sweethearts (Michelle Monaghan, James Marsden), who find that they are still in love after 20 years apart.

10:20 | 1:10 | 4:10 | 7:30 | 10:50

Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: 118
Rating: PG-13
The Book of Life

The Book of Life10/17/2014

Torn between family expectations and following his heart, a young man (Diego Luna) journeys through three fantastic worlds and faces his greatest fears.

10:25 | 2:00 | 4:50 | 6:50 | 9:50

Genre: Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Fantasy
Length: 85
Rating: PG
Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold10/10/2014

Vlad III (Luke Evans), prince of Wallachia, trades his humanity for the power to defend his land and people from the ruthless forces of the Ottoman Empire.

10:50 | 12:00 | 1:15 | 2:30 | 3:55 | 5:10 | 6:50 | 8:00 | 9:45 | 10:50

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
Length: 92
Rating: PG-13
Kill the Messenger

Kill the Messenger10/10/2014

Reporter Gary Webb (Jeremy Renner) becomes the target of a vicious smear campaign after he exposes the CIA's role in importing vast amounts of cocaine, the sale of which would generate money for Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

10:45 | 1:30 | 7:30 | 10:40

Genre: Docudrama, Thriller
Length: 112
Rating: R


During World War II, a battle-hardened Army sergeant (Brad Pitt) leads the crew of a Sherman tank on a deadly mission behind enemy lines to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.

10:00 | 1:00 | 4:10 | 7:40 | 11:00

Genre: Action, Historical drama, War
Length: 134
Rating: R


During World War II, a battle-hardened Army sergeant (Brad Pitt) leads the crew of a Sherman tank on a deadly mission behind enemy lines to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.

11:30 | 2:50 | 6:20 | 9:50

Genre: Action, Historical drama, War
Length: 134
Rating: R


Gays and lesbians from London lend their support to striking coal miners in 1984 Wales.


Genre: Comedy drama, Docudrama
Length: 119
Rating: R


Members of a satanic cult invade the home of a man (Ward Horton) and his pregnant wife (Annabelle Wallis) and turn a vintage doll into a conduit for ultimate evil.

11:05 | 1:40 | 4:40 | 7:40 | 10:35

Genre: Horror
Length: 98
Rating: R
Men, Women & Children

Men, Women & Children10/17/2014

Teenagers and their parents try to sort through the many ways the Internet has changed their relationships, their ways of communication and their self-image.

10:00 | 12:50 | 4:00 | 7:20 | 10:30

Genre: Drama
Length: 119
Rating: R
Meet the Mormons

Meet the Mormons10/10/2014

A filmmaker looks at the lives of six different Mormons from around the world.

11:00 | 1:20 | 3:35 | 6:10

Genre: Documentary
Length: 78
Rating: PG
The Golden Era

The Golden Era10/17/2014

In 1930s China, Xiao Hong's writings reflect her uncommonly progressive views.

10:40 | 2:40 | 7:00 | 9:30

Genre: Biography, Docudrama, Historical drama
Length: 178
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