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Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

Available same day as theatrical release. Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead. Dead Snow's lone survivor revives with his arm replaced by that of his Nazi nemesis, sparking a revenge rampage with his own undead army. From Tribeca Film.

Available:  10/7/2014 -  12/8/2014

Genre: Indies,Horror
Length: 01:42
Rating: R

The Hero Of Color City

Available same day as theatrical release. The Hero Of Color City. When they aren't working for kids, a lively group of crayons relaxes in Color City. But when an unfinished drawing tries to steal all color, they team up to save the day.

Available:  10/3/2014 -  12/1/2014

Genre: Indies,Animated
Length: 01:22
Rating: G


Watch Now Before It's In Theaters. Blamed for his girlfriend's murder, Ignatius Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) wakes one morning to find he's grown horns. Armed with new supernatural powers, he sets out to find the true killer.

Available:  10/3/2014 -  10/30/2014

Genre: Indies,Sci-fi
Length: 02:01
Rating: R

Stephen King's A Good Marriage

Stephen King's A Good Marriage. Available same day as theatrical release. With a killer loose and a stranger stalking her family, a dedicated wife learns a dark secret about her husband that threatens their marriage and their lives.

Available:  10/3/2014 -  12/29/2014

Genre: Indies,Horror
Length: 01:32
Rating: R


Blamed for the murder of his girlfriend, Ignatius Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) awakens one morning to find he's grown a pair of horns. Armed with new supernatural powers, he sets out to find the true killer.

Available:  10/3/2014 -  11/3/2014

Genre: Horror,Thriller
Length: 02:04
Rating: R

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania. Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count's teen-aged daughter.

Available:  10/1/2014 -  11/7/2014

Genre: Comedy,Family
Length: 01:33
Rating: PG

Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane seeks redemption when he discovers his soul is damned to hell. When an evil sorcerer threatens mankind, he must once again take up arms against the forces of darkness.

Available:  9/30/2014 -  11/3/2014

Genre: Action,Adventure
Length: 01:46
Rating: R

Shadow Of A Doubt

Alfred Hitchcock's tale of a murderous fugitive who becomes the center of attention to an adoring niece.

Available:  9/30/2014 -  11/3/2014

Genre: Drama,Thriller
Length: 01:50
Rating: PG

Hellraiser: Hellworld

Hellraiser: Hellworld. When five internet gamers are invited to a party thrown by the website Hellworld, they are about to endure a night of terror they believed only existed in cyberspace!

Available:  9/30/2014 -  11/3/2014

Genre: Sci-Fi,Horror
Length: 01:33
Rating: R

Hellraiser: Deader

Hellraiser: Deader. A journalist uncovers an underground group who can bring back the dead and slowly becomes drawn into their world.

Available:  9/30/2014 -  11/3/2014

Genre: Horror
Length: 01:30
Rating: R
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