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Taking Your Home Theater to the Next Level

Home Theater

You went all out to kick up your home TV experience. Your new HDTV is mounted on the den wall just where you want it and your sound system has been strategically set up around the room. Sweeeet! Now get the most out of your home theater setup – get Cox HD service, yours free with a Cox Advanced TV subscription.


Catch Kanye West in all his outrageous glory on MTV HD. Watch the sweat fly from Drew Brees’ helmet on a fourth-and-goal play on the NFL Network. Count every uneven tooth in Steve Buscemi’s smile while watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO. That’s what you can do – and get – with Cox High Definition TV service, an exceptional viewing and listening experience and the perfect complement to your home entertainment setup. Cox offers close to 100 HD channels and many more hours of high definition movies, sports and TV programs.

Seeing Is Believing

The vivid, life-like picture quality of HD, along with the brilliant colors and wide-screen format, will make watching movies, sports or your favorite TV shows a whole new experience. The puck in an NHL shootout is just that much more visible and the desert in AMC’s Breaking Bad seems even bleaker than Walter White’s future. HDTV is six times sharper than regular analog TV and twice the color resolution.

Movie Theater-Like Sound Experience

Palladia, MTV HD and other HD music programs open up new levels of sound enjoyment for music fans and lovers. All Cox HD programming features surround sound Dolby Digital 5.1 sound – a nice match for your home theater’s sound system.  

Cox HD Programming (TV Shows and Movies)

The variety of HD programming available to you anytime you want it is astounding. You get HD programming from all the networks – CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and more – plus national networks like National Geographic, CNN, A&E and more.

On top of that, you also get hundreds of HD On DEMAND choices including HD Movies On DEMAND, Premium HD On DEMAND (HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax), My Primetime and dozens of FreeZone HD choices from your favorite television networks. See movies in HD the same day they’re coming out on DVD, and catch all your top HD primetime shows when you want. 

Cox offers an HD DVR service for anything you want to record. You can record HD programming and enjoy the HD viewing and sound experience for as long as you want to save your recording. Just remember: every hour of HD DVR recording takes up approximately 2 hours of disc space.

HD Sports Programming

An HD-focused home theater will put you right in the middle of all the sports action. Get the Cox Advanced TV service with the Sports & Information Pak and catch more than 100 NFL games in HD. Order NFL Red Zone with the Sports & Information Pak and you get all the NFL highlights and touchdown excitement from 1 p.m. ET to 7 p.m. ET every Sunday in HD.


If you purchased an HDTV with 3D capability after January 2010, you can enjoy our growing number of 3D programs and special events on your home theater. Last year, Cox broadcast the Masters Tournament and the PGA Championship in 3D along with several other sporting events. We plan to provide more 3D sports, movies and entertainment through the year. You can also watch the latest recorded 3D movies on your 3D set, as long as you’re using a late-model 3D Blu-ray player.


Bring your A-game to HD. Xbox, PlayStation and Wii all work and come to life in HD. If you have an Xbox 360, you can put yourself, friends and family right in the game with Kinect™ in HD.

For more information on Cox HD and all the HD programming you can get for your home theater, go here.

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