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eBook Readers: Your Library on the Go

What's So Hot About eBook Readers?

Reading is a passion for you. Thing is, carrying around all your favorite books, bestsellers and recommendations from friends could easily lead to you having to look up books on how to alleviate back pain.

There is a solution, though. Both eBook readers and tablets are light, portable devices that let you carry a library of books with you at all times. In addition to books, many of these devices let you read the daily papers, your favorite magazines and more. Here are some of the advantages of using an eBook reader or tablet for reading.


Tablets and eBook readers are light and easy to carry and designed to provide a user-friendly experience. You can take them anywhere you want and read on them whenever you have time. They're great for when you’re travelling, sure, but they're also handy for breaks at work, while waiting to pick up the kids at school or a long leisurely day at the beach.


The eBook reader, in particular, is designed for providing an enjoyable reading experience. The e-ink display technology mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. This means the display on the eBook reader can be read inside or outdoors with little to no glare. Font size can also easily be changed to the reader’s preference.


Having an eBook reader or a tablet puts you in direct contact with millions of eBook titles. Most of these devices come equipped with built-in WiFi, so you can easily download titles from just about anywhere. This can be an economical way to build your reading collection, since most eBook titles are priced lower than their print versions. Many libraries also allow you to “check out” their collection of eBooks, but make sure to get a library card first.

Cox and eBooks

If you’re a Cox High Speed Internet customer with a home network setup, your family will have no difficulty downloading books, magazines, reviews and more onto eBook readers or tablets in your home. Your kids can check out Captain Underpants’ latest adventure while you can download and dig into a Dan Brown thriller.

Finding the eBook Reader or Tablet Right for You

There are an incredible number of eBook readers and tablets available to choose from. To find one right for you, take the time to do some research, check them out in the stores and, like you do for book recommendations, ask your friends what they’re into.

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