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Cloud computing – Your Computing Experience, Anywhere, Anytime

What's So Hot About Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days – and the top of every IT company’s business plan as well. But for every person and company talking about “the cloud” (as the hip IT companies call it), there is also a unique definition for what it is and how it’s going to change the Internet. That makes it difficult to figure out what exactly cloud computing is and what it can do for you.

As a Cox customer, you may wonder if we, too, are down, er, up with “the cloud.” We will be glad to answer all these questions and more. To get started, let’s begin with a demonstration of one of the many ways cloud computing can benefit you.

Cloud Computing In Action

You’re with an old friend at the coffee shop when you get a call from your office. They need you to make a couple of quick changes to the proposal before they send it in at 10. You don’t have your laptop with you, but by luck your friend has hers. Using it and the coffee shop’s WiFi, you’re able to easily call up the latest version of the proposal from the same server your office uses, make and save the revisions, and then jump on your office’s IM program and give your boss the okay to send.

Thank You, Cloud Computing

That’s just one of the many things that cloud computing allows you to do. The ease of use and quick access to software programs as they’re needed are two of the more prominent reasons  tech gurus say cloud computing is the next big step in IT delivery.

What Is Cloud Computing?

So what exactly is cloud computing? Interestingly enough, there are about as many definitions for cloud computing as there are clouds on any given day. Still, we’ll go ahead and give you our definition: Cloud computing is an online service in which computer power, software programs and data storage are provided whenever and wherever you need it. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Businesses, in particular small businesses and start-ups, stand to benefit greatly from this online service. With cloud computing, a business will no longer have to invest as much in computer equipment, the IT resources to run and maintain it or software upgrades and storage. All that will be provided on an as-needed basis by the cloud computing service they partner with. Potentially, this could mean significant savings for the business, and it will also create more free time for businesses to focus energies on their own services and solutions.

The Cloud and the Common Person

As for the general public, cloud computing easily provides many of the same benefits for home and school use, too. Families will be able to access the latest software programs – anytime, anywhere – using only what they need instead of having to pay for an entire software package. They can also store files, personal documents, music and more with the cloud computing service of their choice. More than likely, there will be a fee for this, but as more IT providers get into the cloud market, competition may make it a free service for the general public, much like most email services are today.

Cox and the Cloud

Today, Cox provides some cloud-based services for residential and business customers, including online backup capabilities and security and parental controls software.

You can also connect to any other cloud service available using Cox High Speed Internet. Like everyone else, we are keeping a close eye on the evolution of cloud computing and what it means for our customers. Our goal is to support you as best as possible in the use of what's been billed by many as "the next step for the Internet."

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