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Camcorders: Plenty to Choose, Lots to Shoot

What's So Hot About Camcorders?

Capturing life’s special moments on video with your camcorder and sharing them – almost instantly – with friends and family is incredibly easy to do now. Here’s a rundown of the types of camcorders available that offer some of the best video and sharing features on the market today. Each of them offers models that can shoot standard-definition and high-definition video.

Mini DV Camcorders

Mini DV camcorders record onto high-density digital tapes that are not only relatively affordable but also provide a great quality video. In fact, there are movies that have been shot entirely on Mini DV tape. The tapes themselves can hold around 60 to 90 minutes of footage, which can be transferred from the camcorder to your computer for editing and saving. 

Mini DVD Camcorders

Easy to use and designed to record only on a blank disc, Mini DVD camcorders eliminate the worry of recording over something you already captured. They record directly onto a 3-inch DVD, which can easily be popped out and played on a computer or a home DVD player. Most Mini DVD camcorders also include basic editing tools. You can make changes to your video, delete footage, format a playlist and more right in the camcorder itself. For most Mini DVD camcorders, the recording time available is about 60 minutes maximum.

Hard Drive Camcorders

Hard Drive camcorders are all about the simplicity. All your footage is stored on the camcorder’s hard drive, which means no need for tapes or DVD discs. On average, a Hard Drive camcorder can save up to 10 hours of footage, longer in some models if you switch them to a lower quality recording setting. The hard drive makes it easy to find different footage, moving easily between clips, allowing you to quickly preview, edit or delete videos. Footage can also easily be transferred to a computer through a connecting cable, USB connection or a removable memory card.

Flash Camcorders

Flash camcorders are the smallest and lightest camcorders on the market. All footage is stored on a flash memory drive and can be easily transferred to your computer via a built-in USB drive. Memory capacity for Flash camcorders varies in regards to each model’s capabilities combined with any supporting memory cards you use. There are flash camcorders that, at their highest quality recording setting, can provide up to 15 hours of memory.

Pocket Camcorders

Pocket camcorders are just like they sound: they are portable, cellphone-shaped camcorders that can easily fit in your pocket – shirt or pants, your choice – and connect to the Internet. The better models offer HD-comparable video quality and can also take still pictures. Most include a USB port and have Internet connectivity to allow for quick and easy wireless sharing.

Storing and Sharing Your Videos

Considering the ease with which each of these devices allows you to shoot and capture anything that’s caught your eye, you’re probably going to quickly run up hours of saved footage. More than likely, your home computer is the first place you’re going to store what you want to keep, but you’ll soon find digital video can take up a lot of your machine’s memory, which will certainly affect its performance. Plus, any damage to your computer or its hard drive could, in turn, damage or lose videos, among many other things, that are saved on it.

An excellent storage option for you to consider is our Media Store and Share service. Free to all Cox High Speed Internet customers, Media Store and Share provides up to 25GB of online storage space for you to keep your video footage as well as favorite pictures, music and important files. Wherever you have online access, you can quickly upload and save your latest video shoot. The user-friendly tools will help you organize and catalogue your footage and the built-in “share” function lets you easily send your latest clips to anyone you wish. For more information about Media Store and Share, click here.

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