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3D TV – Coming to a Home Near You!


From the lush forests of Pandora in Avatar to Woody and Buzz’s hair-raising adventures in Toy Story 3 to the epically comic battle to save Metro City in Megamind, 3D has become the technology of choice for film makers and movie lovers around the world. This love for 3D technology on the silver screen has stirred a rising demand for the 3D experience at home – for movies, TV shows and live sports, too.

Cox at the Forefront of 3D Broadcasting

To satisfy this demand and complement ongoing advancements in digital technology, Cox has broadcast several live 3D sport events recently, including the 2010 Masters Tournament, the PGA Championship and a Ducks-California Golden Bears college football game. To stay on the forefront of this exciting technology, we are partnering with networks to provide more 3D sports, movies and entertainment through the year.

The Basics of Enjoying the Home 3D Experience

3D TVs rolled out for sale in March 2010 and the demand has grown exponentially since. But bringing the 3D experience to your home is more than just buying a new TV, getting the special glasses and switching it on. Before you bring the 3D experience into your home, carefully consider the following:

  • Your 3D TV
    Your first important step for experiencing 3D TV, you will need an HDTV with 3D functionality that was manufactured after January 2010. These new models allow you to watch regular TV as you always do, but they will shift into 3D mode when 3D programming is detected. As for price, the current retail pricing for 3D-capable TVs range from $2,400 to $3,000.
  • 3D TV cable set up
    Make sure that your Cox HD or HD DVR receiver, or the receiver from your current cable provider, has an HDMI output connection and that the receiver is connected to your 3D TV’s HDMI input via an HDMI cable.
  • 3D glasses
    To get the full 3D experience, you will need a pair of special glasses. Many 3D TVs come with at least one pair, but for family and guests, you’re going to have to buy more separately. On average, the price for one pair is $150.
  • Availability of 3D Content on TV
    Right now, there are few 3D programs on TV, but more are being offered every day. As mentioned above, Cox recently broadcast several live 3D sports events in 2010. Our plan is to offer more 3D sports as well as 3D movies, TV shows and live entertainment throughout the year.
  • Watching pre-recorded 3D movies
    To watch the latest recorded 3D movies on your 3D set, you’ll need to buy a late-model 3D Blu-ray player. The price for one of these is about $400.

Cox is excited about providing this latest achievement in TV viewing to our customers. For more information on our 3D service, click here.

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