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Staying Connected

Equipment Upgrade Could Improve Your Online Experience

Equipment Upgrade Could Improve Your Online Experi

Your in-home Internet equipment provides the hub for your entertainment and keeps you connected to the people, places and things that matter most. Using older equipment for your Internet connection can slow you down, so it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment for the fastest speed and best performance. Cox offers a variety of equipment types to suit your needs.



Ideal For


Paired with a modem, a router provides wireless access so customers can connect all their devices from anywhere in the home.

Those with an Internet modem that want a wireless connection.

WiFi Modem

Combines a modem and router in one device for in-home WiFi (wireless connection). Available as single band or dual band. Dual band provides an additional and less crowded WiFi channel at 5 GHz, which may be more ideal for households with many devices simultaneously connected to WiFi.

Households that want to wirelessly connect multiple devices

Internet & Telephone Modem

Combines Internet and telephone in one device. (Router also required for in-home WiFi.)

Those with Internet and telephone service with hard-wired Internet or accompanying router for wireless.

WiFi Internet & Telephone Modem

Combines a WiFi Modem and telephone modem in one device with built-in Quality of Service delivery, which means phone conversations aren’t mixed in with other Internet traffic, providing customer with HD-quality sound.

Those with Internet and telephone who want a wireless connection for multiple devices.

When you rent or purchase a WiFi modem from Cox, our experts are there to help with hassle-free WiFi setup for your network. Rental of a WiFi Modem and a WiFi Internet & Telephone Modem includes ongoing In-Home WiFi support via phone for free.  Renters can also get replacement devices free of charge* if issues arise with device performance, eliminating the effort and cost of purchasing a new device.

Performance and Speed - DOCSIS

As you connect more and more devices - all surfing, streaming and sharing simultaneously - understand that older equipment simply can’t deliver the speeds your devices need. For customers with Cox Preferred, Premier or Ultimate packages, a DOCSIS 3.0 (D3) modem is required to achieve the maximum speeds. D3 equipment provides enhanced online performance and supports faster speeds. 

This latest technology uses "channel bonding" to deliver more speed than ever before. Combining the network’s available DOCSIS channels, a D3 device provides higher bandwidth and throughput capabilities that you just can’t get with older, DOCSIS 2.0 equipment.

Older D2 equipment is comparable to traveling on a one lane road with a slower speed limit that can easily get congested. D3 equipment is like traveling on a multi-lane highway with faster speeds limits, allowing much more traffic and a smoother flow. So consider upgrading your equipment to get the bandwidth you need to support faster Internet speeds to keep you connected. 

For more information on Cox compatible modems, click here.

You can also visit our modem lookup page and enter your phone number or account number to see if you need to upgrade your modem.


*May be dependent upon device warranty time period.

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