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Staying Connected

Digital Pictures: Oh the Things You Can Do

Digital Pics

Digital cameras and pictures trumped printed pictures years ago. It was no contest, really—the incredible speed between click and see quickly won people over. Now you have what seems like a thousand pictures taking up space on your computer, your smartphone and, of course, your digital camera. Here are some cool things you can do with all those pics. They’ll help organize your collection plus provide many creative opportunities for sharing and kicking up the look of your pictures.

Print Them Out

Easy enough. Many drugstores and department stores offer digital photo print services. You can download your pics directly from your camera or give the attendant the memory card. It’s the same  basic process with the pics on your computer. Save them on a disc or a portable USB drive and hand it in to the attendant. Don’t have time to drive to the mall? There are many online digital photo printing services you can choose from. Snapfish and SmugMug are just two of the highly-recommended ones. All you have to do is upload your picture files online, make your payment and the service will mail your prints to you within a week’s time.

Photo Editing Programs

Photo editing programs provide a number of great benefits. First, they can help you organize all your pictures with easy-to-use tools that catalogue and identify them any way you want, so your pictures will be easier to find and enjoy.

Second, you can correct imperfections in your favorite pictures with just a few clicks. Fix the red eye in your kid’s school play photo or brighten the colors in that sunset shot at the lake.  Apple’s iPhoto ’11 and Windows Live Essential’s Photo Gallery both offer a full set of organizing, editing and sharing tools. There are also several excellent photo editing software packages available—Adobe Photoshop Elements is a top pick for many picture lovers.


With photo-editing tools, you can create slideshows from your pictures and add music and “special effects.” Your slideshow can be something simple, such as shots from your latest vacation, or it can be arranged thematically: your kids’ class photos over the years, the first day of your annual trip to the cottage, best dance moves at the neighborhood party – wherever your imagination and picture catalogue takes you.

Show Them on Your TV

Why have everyone crowd around the laptop to watch your slideshow when you can experience it on that gorgeous LCD HD TV in your living room? It’s easy to connect your laptop to your TV with the right cable or, if your TV has built-in WiFi, through your home wireless network.

Social Networks

Cellphones and smartphones are ideal for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime shots. Even better, you can immediately post them to your favorite social network sites for all to see. Just about anything you took the time to create and format with your photo-editing tools can also be posted and shared with friends and family. 

Cox Media Store and Share – Our Online Photo Storage Service

Media Store and Share is a fun and easy way to store, format and share your digital pics. Free for all Cox High Speed Internet subscribers, Media Store and Share features easy-to-use tools for organizing your pictures, creating albums and slideshows and then sharing them online. With up to 25GB of storage space available, it is a secure backup for your pictures as well as video, favorite music, and important files. You’ll find more information on Media Store and Share here.

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