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Protecting Your PC from Viruses

Virus protection

If you use a computer, you know that viruses are a common hazard of playing and working online. You also probably know that there are a good number of anti-virus software programs readily available online, for free or purchase.

Anti-virus software is designed to detect, prevent and remove malware (malicious software), including computer viruses, worms (self-replicating virus programs) and trojan horses (malware masquerading as a desirable program).

Is Anti-Virus Software for You?

For every good reason to install anti-virus software on your home computer, there is an equally valid argument against doing so. Here are some of the more common criticisms of anti-virus software:

  • Antivirus software, either because of the size of the program or how it operates within your computer, can impair or slow down your computer’s performance.
  • Inexperienced users may not understand the prompts issued by the software and may miss an instruction or hit a wrong button, allowing a virus through.
  • Some studies have found that the effectiveness of antivirus software drops significantly within a year's time.
  • Many anti-virus programs are not equipped to deal with new viruses.
  • Purchased software can be relatively expensive, and often has to be “repurchased” at the end of the user agreement, which is usually a year after installation.

Cox Virus Protection

All of these considerations can weigh heavily on households who want to enjoy a virus-free online experience. If you’re a Cox High Speed Internet customer, you can take comfort in the many protections that are already included in your service, free of charge. The Cox Security Suite, powered by McAfee®, is designed to help you protect your family and your equipment from viruses and other unwanted online intrusions.

The Cox Security Suite Anti-Virus feature provides scanning that blocks worms, viruses, trojan horses and other unwanted programs before they are installed on your computer. Anti-Virus is always on, and daily updates are installed automatically to ensure that your computer has the latest protection.

To find out more about the Cox Security Suite and how it can protect your online experience, click here.

Check out the Cox Anti-Virus Resource Center for more information on preventing, detecting and eliminating viruses.  

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