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7 Tips on Using the Internet Safely

7 Tips on Using the Internet Safely
  1. Don’t click on promos or catchy pop-ups
    When browsing the internet, do not click on pop-ups or catchy statements like “win a free iPod now” 
  2. Don’t click on virus warning pop-ups
    While on a web site you might see a pop-up window that claims to be your antivirus informing you that it just detected an intrusion, with the instruction to click the link to deal with the supposed virus.  Immediately close your browser and exit out of all pop-ups if this happens, and don’t return to the site you were on.
  3. Scan web search results before clicking
    When doing an internet search, carefully scan the results page and do not click on any sites that have spelling or grammatical errors, or sites that are not clearly addressing the thing you were searching for.   Watch for irrelevant words in the description text that often indicates a malicious site using keywords to target people (e.g. if you searched “Security” it might say “Security, Hamsters, Cars, Madonna...”)
  4. Never download documents from websites you are not familiar with
  5. Delete spam email without opening
    Many internet attacks start with an email.  You are probably familiar with spam emails.  Quickly detect them (by looking at the sender or subject line) and delete them without opening. You can usually tell it is spam if it is coming from an unknown sender or a general email that you didn’t sign-up for. You can also tell by misspellings in the email address and subject line or if the subject offers something you didn’t ask for (“receive a free gift today”) or asks you to verify your information with a trusted bank or account (“Your urgent response is needed”).
  6. Do not click on unknown links
    It is best to never click on links you receive within emails. A few tips to keep in mind: hover over the link and look at the bottom of your browser. There will be a small box that reveals the entire URL. This is a great way to see if links are disguised. Also, if you really want to go to the link, open a separate browser and enter in the address manually (the web address you are familiar with from the company).
  7. Be careful what you share on the internet
    Just as important as being careful what you access on the internet - it’s important to be careful what you share on the internet.  Remember, anything you post on a forum, blog, or social media site, etc. is permanent and can be found by anyone.  A general rule is to never post anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want printed in a newspaper.  When it comes to work - this is especially important to protect your business’ client information and intellectual property.  At home, this might mean the difference in protecting your identity, finances and family.
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